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  1. Tina Foust says:

    can’t wait to smell the sample!! excited!

  2. alteria says:

    Can’t wait to get it

  3. alteria says:

    Would really like to try

  4. id like to get this free sample for my girlfriend

  5. Constance Mendez says:

    Great Perfume

  6. Brandi Nelson says:

    I love to spray men cologne on my bed… running low

  7. comment by mattie on june 26 2013 looking forward to trying,have used another Gucci,liked a lot

  8. yes i like free stuff

  9. yes i would like to get the free samples t5hank you so much

  10. I would love it if you could send ma all the free samples of perfume i love perfume what woman doesnt this is great

  11. Love the smell of all gucci guilty so far. Good job.

  12. Would love 2 have all the free stuff u got 2 give

  13. I am looking forward to my free sample.

  14. Chris Marlow says:

    Giving this a shot..

  15. Mohammed Javed says:

    I really want this and this is my first getting something from this site

  16. Regina says:

    yes i would really like a free sample of this wonderful item please send me one thank you

  17. dandels says:

    Lovely fragrance all of gucci’s but never smelt this one so please send me a sample 🙂

  18. joanna says:


  19. yvonne davis says:

    Hope this, is for real. We can hardly wait

  20. phillisabragg says:

    I hope my dad will enjoy this great gift i recieve for free.

  21. Irish love says:

    I think that my husband would love this.!

  22. satchin says:

    good perfume

  23. nico says:

    dont have colone need some bad

  24. stacey anderson says:

    Boyfriend woukd love this i think

  25. Lisa Mahan says:

    I have been wanting to get this for my boyfriend to try. Applying this at home is so mulch better because fragrance scents change after time. This way he knows if it will mix well with his body chemistry. He is very selective and if he likes it he will buy it. Thank you!

  26. Zoey says:

    Would like to get some free stuff lol

  27. HAZELL SCOTT says:

    with my job, i cant have nice things as of now, thanks for the sample

  28. Please send tha free sample!!!!!!!

  29. michelle says:

    Can not wait to try it!

  30. shanon says:

    Cant wait to try it

  31. paul samuel says:

    would love to have this 🙂

  32. Claudia says:

    I have never brought a gucci perfume before, but i beat it smell very devine.

  33. Amy says:

    I would love to try this free sample. I c.an’t wait to get it

  34. I Will be smelling lovely

  35. ‘ I Love perfume’But cant afford to buy the ones I like.Would be grateful

  36. I would would be grateful of a sample.Perfume’s are my forte.I love smelling perfumes to test.So I think I would be a perfect candidate.I will give my honest opinion.All the way from the green Isle ‘IRELAND’

  37. Candice Williams says:

    I love trying new fragrances.

  38. kimberly jackson says:


  39. Vernon Washington says:

    ive been looking for a new Perfume and heard this one was a good buy. cant wait to try it

  40. kimberly blair says:

    I would love to try this sample.

  41. Dan says:

    Big date coming up!

  42. cheryl says:

    I would really appreciate a free sample of this.

  43. Brenda says:

    I can’t afford to buy me a nice perfume these days . This would be an awesome birthday gift to me !

  44. aisha mitchell says:

    love the smell

  45. Jennifer simon says:

    Great product

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