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  1. Misty says:

    Double oh yes

  2. David Wilks says:

    I would like to receive the free sample of James Bond 007 fragrance for men please.

  3. travis says:

    hope its good

  4. willis says:

    Let’s try something new

  5. willis says:

    Let’s try it

  6. Kacie says:

    I would like to have this for my partner to try, I’ve been trying to look around for the perfect fragrance! Maybe this could be the one!

  7. Eric says:

    i want to try

  8. not available in the usa???

  9. Christine says:

    Can I get a James Bond sample sent to the U.S.? Thank you

  10. Thanks for letting us try it free.

  11. I am sure my husband would love to try it please send us one thank you.

  12. Kathryn says:

    I tried to get the free sample but could not because I live in the USA. Why only the other 3 countries?

  13. Mario BP says:


  14. Thanks my hubby loves james bond stuff so please send him a free sample thanks!:-)

  15. rubi rodriguez says:

    LOVE THE FREE!!!!!!!

  16. THIRI AYE says:

    I want it pls . I want to try

  17. ricky durham says:

    I love free stuff

  18. PeterWestdyke says:

    curious about the sent.

  19. HAZELL SCOTT says:

    i love free stuff!!!

  20. NAVEEN says:

    Would like to try

  21. Anthony Dean Jones says:

    thanks for the free sample of james bond 007

  22. karen noda says:

    for my partner to try

  23. Ben dennison says:

    Would like to try

  24. niraj panchal says:

    try this

  25. kimberly says:

    wtf people in the united states are not privelaged to get james bond fragrance, i mean we are fans here also. very disappointed on how that site is set up.

  26. geni hooper says:

    i hope free means FREE

  27. tammyumphrey says:


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