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  1. Jana Barnes says:

    Have yorkie very picky eater

  2. Barbara McDonough says:

    HI, my name is Barbara and I am the owner of Dog Fit Canine Sports Club. I work with a variety of different dogs and owners have asked what dog food do I suggest. I am looking to acquire samples of dog food/treats.

  3. Taivonnia S Duplessis says:

    My husband just lost his job on Nov 12. We need more food and treats because both my Maggie and Jasper are picky. I have watch what we give because I don’t want them to throw up.

  4. got a 7 year that a picky eater

  5. Valerie Lessing says:

    My mom is trying to get her dog to eat dry food, requesting a sample to see if she will eat it. Thank you.

  6. need samples for 2 dogs that are pickey

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