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  1. Deanna Ayre says:

    Sick of diets that don’t work, I really want to know if this does.

  2. ida jimenez says:

    I need to lose weght and dont know how.

  3. natalie frazer says:

    I have been advised to try all my frinds say akins is best diet out right nw

  4. Alrich Bessies says:

    Want to try this

  5. alexis says:

    i need to lose weight so i can shop at clothing stores and no feel bad about myself

  6. scotty martin says:

    never have tried

  7. I would like to get in shape

  8. I would really like to lose weight now.

  9. corinacoburn says:


  10. corinacoburn says:

    Need new weight loss ideas

  11. deanna locklear says:

    I would like to try one kit please

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