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  1. I am willing to try anything now I am so sick of diet after diet failing!

  2. I’m a bit over wight and I want to lose the puppy fat

  3. Want to try retry this

  4. i would love to try this as diets arnt working

  5. Would love to try something to help loss about ten pounds

  6. Need to lose 30 lbs willin to try anything.

  7. Need to.lose 40 lbs.

  8. Willing to try this! All diets has failed me.

  9. Please I’m desperate please send me some x

  10. I would like freebies to loose weight.

  11. Need to lose this baby weight

  12. Weight gain from anti- dpressant. Trying to lose 50lbs

  13. this would be fab! please and thank you!

  14. Would love to try your shakes I drink a lot of protein shakes

  15. I need to lose weight

  16. I need to lose weight so bad.

  17. need to lose 5

  18. I would to lose this baby fat

  19. I’m fed up of diet after diet failing to work for me

  20. I need to lose weight

  21. Cool

  22. Want to lose weight

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