Mind Tricks or Alternate Reality? You must see and hear this!

Reality questioned at FreeStuff.comThe human mind and all of its senses are both wondrous, but also easily fooled.

We say “I will believe it when I see it with my own eyes”, or “I will believe when I hear it with my own ears”. We believe that through firsthand perception, we will know what is real and truthful. However, our senses are not perfect and our mind will make stuff up to make sense of the world it is in.

Below are some amazing examples of how what is perceived as “real”, may be only an illusion.

Believe it when you see it? Ha!!!

More examples of alternate realities exposed through the eye and brain connection:

Believe it when I hear it? Ha!!!
What do you hear? Yanny or Laurel?

53% of over 500,000 people answered on a Twitter poll that they heard a man saying the original word “Laurel”, while 47% reported hearing a voice saying the name “Yanny”. Analysis of the sound frequencies has confirmed that both sets of sounds are present in the mixed recording, but some users focus on the higher frequency sounds in “Yanny” and cannot seem to hear the lower sounds of the word “Laurel”. Just so you know, The recording was created by students who played the sound of the word “laurel”, while re-recording the playback amid background noise in the room.

More examples of auditory illusions:

What cool visual or auditory illusions have you discovered? Please share using the comments below.

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