Free 2011 Pillsbury Calendar – EXPIRED

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If this is  the case, simply use an alternate email address and you’ll get your free calendar.



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  1. I look forward to the calendar w/ great recipes.

  2. Love all of the free things.

  3. Love the Pillsbury Dough Boy and I have for years and years

  4. Thank you for the calender .

  5. would lov one thanks

  6. The only thing that would be better is if the calendar giggled like the Dough Boy

  7. Love Pillsbury foods. Saves my day for meals

  8. Pillsbury products = quality and convenience.
    Thank you for the calender.

  9. hi i need this calender..

  10. Love free stuff

  11. I love Pillsbury products so much. The quickest and easiest snacks can be done in the microwave which is perfect for two adults.

  12. I was sent an email to sign up and recieve a 2011 calendar but it would not work for me. Instead I went to this site. I hope this works.

  13. I love to bake and I am looking forward to the calendar for 2011.

  14. my niece loves the dough boy and has since she was very young..plz send me a calendar for her. BIG SMILE! thx

  15. I like to bake and try new reciepes your products ARE VERY GOOD

  16. I love the little guy and his goodies

  17. i would luv one of ur calenders i luv baking

  18. I love the pillsbury dough boy!

    Can’t wait to receive my calendar.

  19. thank you for giving us this wonderful calender

  20. I so enjoy calendars with recipes. Helps when holidays sometimes takes alot out of you.

  21. I would like to have a 2011 calendar. I Love the pillsbury dough boy

  22. i would love too have 2011 calendar ,and pillsbury dough boy

  23. i would love to know more websites of how to get free samples and discounts .

  24. I would love to get a calander from yall how cool!!


  26. pillsbury is cute an small

  27. clender

  28. I would love to have a pillsbury dough boy calendar. I always loved him.

  29. Love the doughboy

  30. Love the doughboy and his tasty products always!

  31. i want one

  32. fat boy is cute I would like to have a calender

  33. The offer expired! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!