Free Dell XPS Laptop

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  1. i would like to have one because i never had one before and it would be nice to have one to call my one.

  2. i want a laptop soooooooooooooo much

  3. iv always wanted a laptop and dell is the best name for computers would love to experience using a laptop fom dell x

  4. I have been recently trying to find a jog as a Sodial Worker, but my HP laptop is really starting to freeze up, won’t connect to the internet, and just not working as it is suppose to. To get a job I
    really need a good dependable computer-please help.
    Thank you for listening.
    Monique Fender

  5. I am very excited about this offer

  6. My computer has not been working properly for some time now.I have a very hard time getting from one point to the next. Would love to try a dell.

  7. a laptop would definitely be nice!!

  8. I could really do with a laptop as i am currently unemployed and looking at working from home

  9. I would really like to have a free laptop. my school grades are dropping because I have financial suppport to buy one off my own. That laptop would help me alot!!

  10. my six kids realy need one to do there homeork on

  11. i would not mind getting a free laptop,especially a top of the range dell model

  12. I would love to have my own dell xps laptop.I can’t wait for it

  13. i m an software engineer. and i need a separate pc/laptop to do my work. because our work heavily dpends on computer programming and it can be done on pc. so i want a laptop to do my work and make good software applications. i really need it..

  14. i would love to have a dell xps laptop. I can’t wait to get one.

  15. i have a desktop, i would like to experience a dell xps laptop.

  16. I’m a musician i use my computer a lot, so when i’m on the go dell xps laptop would make my life a little better.

  17. what a beautiful design. I;d like to test and see the power of technology at work in a new dimension.

  18. what a beautiful and inviting design. I’d like to have one to test the power of technology in a new dimension.

  19. It would just be so awesome to have a lap top I would be so greatful!!!

  20. how can i get it free even in pakistan…
    wow its realy gorgious if it is free…he he he other wise i wld say..grapes are sour..lolz

  21. i want it…
    it be the lovely stuff i have..
    dell it the best computer stuff in the world….

  22. My sister need a computer really bad. i would be a great surprise.

  23. i need dell pls is one of th best laptop i have ever used

  24. My son really needs this

  25. He’s wanted a laptop for a long time.He’s had a rough time in school and this would really help him.

  26. I never had anything free

  27. stell have not

  28. i want to know if is true

  29. very usefull

  30. This is one nice thing to have…(wish i could have my own laptop)

  31. yup same with me.. Dell is great on than Toshiba.

  32. Iwould love a dell XPS M1350 laptop shipped out to my door;thankyou for the offer

  33. i could use one too

  34. im npt gonna make up any stories or anything, i just want a laptop really badly 🙂

  35. I would love to get this free laptop for my kids for their homework. Ours keeps crashing and they need a dependable computer for their homework.

  36. just hoping it works.

  37. I am going to nursing school in the fall and I would love to have a laptop to do my work . . Some of my classes are online and it beats traveling to the library 20 plus minutes away.

  38. I would really like this laptop, because at the moment I’m using the schools laptop and will have to give it back soon. Then I will not have one because my dad has no money to afford one.

  39. this will be nice present for my kid

  40. i never had one

  41. I coud notcomplete survey because of no cell phone,that stinks

  42. love to have a lap top