Free Dell XPS Laptop

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If you’ve been looking for a new laptop computer, you just got lucky. What’s this all about, you ask? Participate in this special promotion and you can have a Dell XPS laptop shipped right to your door.

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  1. Its A marvelous |Laptop….. I Really Like It..
    And Want to Get At Any Price Without Price…
    Kindly Cooporate Me My Team
    Thanks And Best Regards
    Mr. SAEED

  2. Its a wicked laptop i really would love this laptop at a reasonable low price. Its the sort of laptop i am after and has everything i am looking for.

  3. I would love to have one of these. I have been wanting one for a very long time.

  4. My husband and daughter would love this, they both work very hard and it would be great for them to have this laptop as a gift I can’t believe it is being offered for free.

  5. I could really use this laptop,I have no other way of using the computer besides going to the libruary,this would be great because I could work online on daliy issue as well as take online courses to provide the knowledge for the future.

  6. I would really love to have one of these but it just seems to good to be true. My granddaughters sure could use one of these for school work.

  7. yeah this would really be some thing awsome but its to good to be true

  8. I could realy used this. I do home helth care. Also in school and could used this for homework. Is this to good to be true?

  9. not a bad idea. Hope it works


  11. first of all why are u guy giving free stuff away.i like that laptop how do i get it free

  12. might as well

  13. they love it or hate it your the best

  14. My project work will become much easier since now i would have my own laptop.

  15. please choose me to be the one who get that,
    i will use correctly!
    i’m in studying to get my bachelor for one year remain,, i’ve problem with my files on processing my final project. it will benefit for me,,so please i’ll be glad if u,,,

  16. I enter every contest and free giveaway everywhere, never won, thought I’d give it a shot

  17. This offer is fake!!! you never get to the part where they will send you the laptop!!

  18. Yea, i love that system, i wil be glad if i can get it with anything

  19. My family would really appreciate this my computer was lost in a fire AND I DIDNT have any insurance to cover it so this would be just awesome if we receive it thank you and god bless

  20. i would really love a laptop because i only have a computer and i would really love a laptop to do my coursework for school on x please please please let me have it x

  21. i really love that laptop … and i’ll be happy if i can get it free. i hope my dream will be come true.

  22. Very hard to believe,but I would be very happy to have one.My daughter’s uni study will be much more easy.

  23. has anyone actually recieved one of these after completing the special/promotional offers?

  24. Not bad, would be n ice, you never know if your luck is in till you try so here we go !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. my girl friend has 2 brian tumers and we dont have the money to get it becuse we spend all ower money on meds we have 3 kids two are hers one is mine we dont have a lot of money wood love to have 1 it wood be nice for all the family.

  26. The system is very great with good features. Please I am a student and I need the laptop before I complete my course at higher institution in Nigeria studing Computer science. I need it please anybody that can help because the school authority mandatory it for the computer science student.

    I try to get to this one free site but its not going. God bless you

  27. lost my job last mo. it would help my kids study

  28. yea right how much shit do i really have to buy to get it>?


  30. well i dnt have a sob story or nobody has cancer or anything like that. my daughter has been crying over a laptop i found one on ebay for 130 dollars but i thought i would give a try to get a free one. WHAT THE HELL R THE CHANCES OF WINNING A LAPTOP 1 IN A MILLION???

  31. can i have one pleazz

  32. Holy shit! I can’t believe that sleek laptop is for free. I would really need to have this laptop. Its incredibly amazing! Please what are the chances of winning this laptop?

  33. I need this for x-mas to give to my daughter. I was just released from prison and have nothing left anymore. Its so hard to find a job with this tag on your name.

  34. It looks sleek! How do I take part in this “Special Promotion”?

  35. I would love to be able to get one of these for my Mom and Dad. They are both 79 years old and most of our family and friends live out of state . This would be wonderful for them to be able to write emails and receive news and pictures from everyone. This would also keep their minds a little more active. Thank you for listening.

  36. I would LOVE to have a laptop…i have wanted one forever but just have been able to get one…it would really help with stuff for school and it would be the perfect christmas if i could have one

  37. A laptop would be nice. The college teachers now expect everything to be typed. I don’t have a way to type anything unless I go to the college campus and use theirs. The only thing is its hard for me to get to college itself because of the distance between home and there. Life is hard when your a college student. I pray someone will help me get a laptop.

  38. good laptop

  39. I was hoping to win this for my father because he needs a new laptop because he has to calculate and he used his computer for it.

  40. im looking for a new laptop

  41. Beautyful laptop for my work for free. Am I dreaming. maybe not

  42. I will like to have this great offer. thanks.

  43. I’m a student, I really need this laptop to support my achievement. because i think this laptop is very good specification.

  44. the lap top i use belongs to my mother-in-law

  45. The laptop would be a great help for my wife who is in nursing school. The old desktop we have isn’t powerful enough to really be of use to her and all the papers she has to write.

  46. would be great for me to traval to the used for a

  47. book keeing for my old papers

  48. this would be a perfect way 2 keep intouch wi my family they live 400 miles away from me

  49. would love to be doing my work on this. i have a dell desk top so i know how good they are

  50. I would love to get this, nothing has ever been given to me.

  51. I love this laptop and my wife does too. We love to have one.

  52. hollo, dell this is ur view age product full of men and women wisdom.i am a young student that will like to produce one sometime in future form nigeria.thank workers in dell for the laptop

  53. This would by a great thing for me to have because i can take classes on line and not have to fuss with my kids about the use of the computer because i will have my have a good system.i would love to have a lab top

  54. i will do my best to get that laptop

  55. I would love to have a new laptop computer. I could do so many things with it. I could take on line classes to better my education.

  56. thaks

  57. most of the comments that i read looked really fake and lame. i just want it cuz ours is slow. it would make my eyes twinkle 😛 jk.

  58. I really need on of these as my work load is gettig to much and my current laptop has bust

  59. I’m not gonna make up any stories here, i just want it because i love computers, thats all!

  60. i really want this computer because i dropped my computer when i fell running to the car and it got all wet:[

  61. i dont even have a laptop right now!

  62. i would like the free laptop and i was wondering if i can get it ship to 349 10th Street East Apt 2. Owen Sound, Ontario N4k 1S7 and can you let me know an e-mail me back okay and i would like the midnight blue one.

  63. hm…
    not bad

  64. I would like to have a free laptop, who wouldn’t!!??

  65. Need a new laptop but sounds to good to be true

  66. I never own a computer. I wish I have one to organize my bills instead of writting with papers. If you give me the oppotunity to have one from you, I will be so happy and thank you for the chance.

  67. what a great freebie to enter

  68. i need a laptop to study.

  69. i am doing 11 this year, but i dont have latop to study, that why i need it to study. please help me

  70. PLEASE….HELP….ME!!!!

    we have this really old laptop to study on….me and my sister so im asking you to PLEASE give me this laptop!!!!i really need it my mouse thing fell off and our dad still wont buy a new 1

  71. nice nice free stuff

  72. free one would be great!!

  73. the laptop i am using is my ex partners and it has god knows how many virus’s on it so it dont work properly and my 2 children have pulled some of the keys off :-(


  75. i need it for my schooling.

  76. it would a great help

  77. I would love this….

  78. i like free

  79. I would like the free lap top for my great niece , who is a single mother with 3 children . She needs a laptop ,so she can go to schoolto support herself and her 3 children
    Thank You.

  80. I am in love withe this stuff , I hope I can get one

  81. I would love a new dell laptop. Mine recently broke. I have not been able to get a new one. :(

  82. Thanks A Lot!

  83. This Dell XPS M1530 is the bee’s knee, just the job for getting about taking your data with you, secure, handy,light,good looking,smartarse technology, all that I need.

  84. i really want this laptop

  85. yes great site

  86. Very nice laptop. I don’t have laptop in this moment…

  87. Luv this laptop and great website

  88. i need something to do all my school work on for my EMT classes!

  89. I’m going to enjoy the laptop

  90. Would like to go back to school, it requires a lap top for the courses. I do not have the money to buy one. Thank you

  91. i have been looking for a job for the past few weeks. during that time the computer that i did have blew up. so now i have to walk every where i need to go since i do not have money for gas and it would make it easier to stay at home and fill out applications from home than walking out in the cold weather. since its just me and my baby at home i wouldnt have to take him out with me and also so he wouldnt get a cold.
    keep up the good work and God bless and also have a good week and weekend.
    Thank you very much, wade

  92. This is great.

  93. i think its a good thing ther doing here.

  94. Well i come from a family of four, my husband, myself, son, daughter. My whole family has there own laptop except for me. While sitting here thinking about it, each one has also in the past had a desktop as well. I just want to be able to get to a computer when I want to without having to ask to borrow their’s, and they are very relutant to lend it to me as I am still learning. It would really be nice to come into the 21st century as i have yet to arrive with all the technolgies today. It sure would be the best gift ever to have my own computer. Good luck to everyone.Mmmmmmm maybe someday.Thank you for such a great opportunity.

  95. Very nice laptop. I have not been able to get a one

  96. I’m interested free laptop.

  97. A laptop…MMMMMmmmmmm….now that would be nice :) Xx

  98. I do not live in Canada os how do I get a free lap-top.

  99. I would love to have this laptop.

  100. This might be great but could not connect when clicking on get it free now click bar. It looks like a good deal

  101. i would like to have one because i never had one before and it would be nice to have one to call my one.

  102. i want a laptop soooooooooooooo much

  103. iv always wanted a laptop and dell is the best name for computers would love to experience using a laptop fom dell x

  104. I have been recently trying to find a jog as a Sodial Worker, but my HP laptop is really starting to freeze up, won’t connect to the internet, and just not working as it is suppose to. To get a job I
    really need a good dependable computer-please help.
    Thank you for listening.
    Monique Fender

  105. I am very excited about this offer

  106. My computer has not been working properly for some time now.I have a very hard time getting from one point to the next. Would love to try a dell.

  107. a laptop would definitely be nice!!

  108. I could really do with a laptop as i am currently unemployed and looking at working from home

  109. I would really like to have a free laptop. my school grades are dropping because I have financial suppport to buy one off my own. That laptop would help me alot!!

  110. my six kids realy need one to do there homeork on

  111. i would not mind getting a free laptop,especially a top of the range dell model

  112. I would love to have my own dell xps laptop.I can’t wait for it

  113. i m an software engineer. and i need a separate pc/laptop to do my work. because our work heavily dpends on computer programming and it can be done on pc. so i want a laptop to do my work and make good software applications. i really need it..

  114. i would love to have a dell xps laptop. I can’t wait to get one.

  115. i have a desktop, i would like to experience a dell xps laptop.

  116. I’m a musician i use my computer a lot, so when i’m on the go dell xps laptop would make my life a little better.

  117. what a beautiful design. I;d like to test and see the power of technology at work in a new dimension.

  118. what a beautiful and inviting design. I’d like to have one to test the power of technology in a new dimension.

  119. It would just be so awesome to have a lap top I would be so greatful!!!

  120. how can i get it free even in pakistan…
    wow its realy gorgious if it is free…he he he other wise i wld say..grapes are sour..lolz

  121. i want it…
    it be the lovely stuff i have..
    dell it the best computer stuff in the world….

  122. My sister need a computer really bad. i would be a great surprise.

  123. i need dell pls is one of th best laptop i have ever used

  124. My son really needs this

  125. He’s wanted a laptop for a long time.He’s had a rough time in school and this would really help him.

  126. I never had anything free

  127. stell have not

  128. i want to know if is true

  129. very usefull

  130. This is one nice thing to have…(wish i could have my own laptop)

  131. yup same with me.. Dell is great on than Toshiba.

  132. Iwould love a dell XPS M1350 laptop shipped out to my door;thankyou for the offer

  133. i could use one too

  134. im npt gonna make up any stories or anything, i just want a laptop really badly :)

  135. I would love to get this free laptop for my kids for their homework. Ours keeps crashing and they need a dependable computer for their homework.

  136. just hoping it works.

  137. I am going to nursing school in the fall and I would love to have a laptop to do my work . . Some of my classes are online and it beats traveling to the library 20 plus minutes away.

  138. I would really like this laptop, because at the moment I’m using the schools laptop and will have to give it back soon. Then I will not have one because my dad has no money to afford one.

  139. this will be nice present for my kid

  140. i never had one

  141. I coud notcomplete survey because of no cell phone,that stinks

  142. love to have a lap top