FREE 7-in-1 Survival Whistle – EXPIRED

The 7-in-1 Survival Whistle is a MUST-have for any professional survivalist. This Survival Whistle fits in your hand AND combines 7 of the most essential tools a survivalist could ever need!

What is included?

  1. Whistle – Allows you to alert others to your presence in case you get lost or need assistance.
  2. LED Flashlight – Perfect for signaling, lighting your way in the dark, and even scare away animals.
  3. Magnifying Glass – I know what you are thinking; “What do I need a magnifying glass for out in the wild”, but think about it; The easiest way to start a fire when you are without the correct tools is a magnifying glass and fire can be a life saver.
  4. Thermometer – Knowing the temperature out in the wilderness is a life or death difference. You never want to over exhaust yourself in a life or death situation.
  5. Mirror- Great for starting fires and keeping yourself hygienic.
  6. Compass – Just in case you get lost, you should always have a reliable compass to give you a sense of direction so you don’t end up walking in circles for hours and you can reliably get where you want to go.
  7. Storage Compartment – A great small, hidden storage compartment for storing matches, tinder, or any other life saving goods.

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