Free Apple iPod Nano – EXPIRED

Now is the time to grab an iPod Nano if you haven’t yet experienced the power of these music players. Quickly scroll through your album or song list by gently sliding your finger over the ring on the front, or use the touch screen functionality to select your song and player settings.

Choose from pink, silver, blue, red, green or black for your player. Let’s take a look at the storage capacity:

  • 8GB flash drive
  • Holds up to 2,000 songs in 128-Kbps AAC format
  • Holds up to 7,000 iPod-viewable photos
  • Holds up to 8 hours (8GB) of video
  • Stores data via USB flash drive

With that kind of storage capacity, I’ve yet to find anyone that has successfully filled their iPod to the max with music or video. However, I know it can be done. Grab yours before they pull this one.” alt=”divider” height=”5″ />

125 Responses

  1. jordan says:

    i have always wanted wone jest cant afford it

  2. kenia villegas says:

    freebie is a good website you van get a lot a stuff. and is a safe web.

  3. asia says:

    I hope its awesome and works great.

  4. asia says:

    hey I totally want this item!

  5. iadusjackson says:

    i would love to own one asap.

  6. iadusjackson says:

    i would really love to have one again.

  7. dominic says:

    the one i have now sux and i would like another one

  8. sierra says:

    i would really love to get that ipod cause i know my sister need a new music player and would to have it for a christmas gift posibly and if not christmas and if not before christmas she would still love to have it

  9. iain kerr says:

    i would like to get the ipod plz

  10. Jay march says:



  11. i wish i had the $$ to bye one

  12. K Pierce says:

    Count me in, what is the next step?

  13. Anthony Olanrewaju says:

    i need two

  14. kim says:

    i need a ipod nono

  15. margie hensley says:

    This would be a great gift for my son he has been wanting one for a while now but money is just to tight thx

  16. margie hensley says:

    Heck yah my son would love it

  17. Sharla says:

    Sure, I’d like to have one.

  18. mia says:

    i realy want this

  19. CRAIG CERNUSKA says:

    this would be great for work to lisitin to music at work

  20. james says:

    i need a ipod so bad i like to sing and dance in i can’t do it with out no music

  21. JAMIE says:


  22. tiarra says:


  23. raven says:

    its beautiful and exellent

  24. Justin says:

    My 9 yer old sister has never had an kind of music llayer and her birthdy is in 3 days and i never have a present for her or anyone wo could u pleez give this ipod to me

  25. Ariella says:

    I have ALWAYS wanted a nano but never had the money to get one

  26. kaylee says:

    hey im kaylee and i have a little girl who is 10 and she wants an ipod nano but well i dont have the money to get her one and i wanna make her smile thanks bye

  27. jj says:

    i just want it

  28. Rakesh says:

    he i look cool yar i want this yar…..
    i hope i would get it

  29. Oh Yeah! Totally going to want! Yeah!!

  30. darian says:

    sweet i need a ipod i have no music

  31. xandra says:

    omg i would really like an ipod i luv music!this one is beautifull!

  32. zach says:

    come on i want that thing plz

  33. Doran Wallace says:

    this would be a great birthday present for my girlfriend.

  34. david says:

    omg!! i found it oh i want it so baddddd

  35. richie says:

    thanks for this free stuff

  36. zac latham says:

    ive never had an ipod befor and allways wanted one

  37. i would like to listen every day

  38. janet says:

    I would be very delighted t have this.My daughter has always wanted one.

  39. Colin says:

    Please i really want it.:)

  40. josh says:

    omg plzzzzzzzzzz i want it so bad

  41. janay says:

    I would really like to get the ipod. I’ve never owned one before. The price of an ipod is too high for me.

  42. stefen says:

    I always wanted a ipod please let me have it.

  43. kim says:

    i really do what the ipod now

  44. iam not to familier with these but my little girl wanted one for chrismas last year i would love to give it to her as a gift she 12yrs old that all she talks about is ipod this ipod that video this video that she would love thanks

  45. Arielle says:

    Hello, I would really appreciate if I got that ipod.