FREE DMV Generic Bill of Sale Form


Generic Bill of Sale Form (Free & Printable)

If your state does not require or offer a bill of sale form, feel free to use our generic form, either to present to the state or to keep for your own records.

•Download your free, printable, generic bill of sale form now.

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Who Needs a Bill of Sale?

Whether you are the seller or the buyer of the vehicle, you should never walk away from the transaction without a copy of the bill of sale. If you do not get a copy signed by both parties at the time of the sale, you leave yourself open to legal issues or other problems down the line.

Your bill of sale will generally include information about the transaction, including:
•A description of the vehicle and its vehicle identification number (VIN).
•Any warranty that may have been agreed upon.
•The final sale price of the vehicle.
•The name of the buyer and the seller.
•The county and state in which the vehicle was sold.

NOTE: Certain states may have specific requirements of what exactly needs to appear on a bill of sale form. To find out what your state requires and to learn more about completing a bull of sale, please visit our Bill of Sale page.




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