Free Gerber Baby Bath Time Gift Set – EXPIRED

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Update: Expired!

Valued at $30.00, this bath time gift set is the perfect gift for the new addition. Each set includes 2 washcloths, Baby Wash with Lavender, Baby Lotion with Lavender, Baby Shampoo, Vapor Bath, Teeny Faces Moisturizing Stick, bath toy, Baby Genius music CD and $12 in coupons for Gerber products. You’ll only need to participate in the survey, qualify for the sponsor offer(s) and follow redemption instructions.

Click here to claim your free Gerber Baby Bath Time Gift Set now.

This offer is good for residents of the United States only.

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  1. im not going to lie to you. i have two kids and this would be great! everything is so expensive please anything like this is good

  2. My sister is finally having her first baby after thinking she couldn’t get pregnant. I think this would be a great starter for her.

  3. Congrats on your sister’s baby, Shelley!

  4. thats hot

  5. i have two little boys and they are always getting dirty playing outside and we go through so much baby wash,shampoo and lotion this would be awsome for them it is really hard to afford this kind of stuff these days..

  6. my cousin brittany just had her first child on 9-12-08 and i think this would be a nice gift for her..

  7. how can i get it

  8. this will be a great gift

  9. I had such a hard time getting this. you have to pick 2 offers, then those lead to more offers and so on. the last screen, they send a text message to your phone that never gets there. i don’t even have a cell phone! i tried to get the free gift for almost an hour and all i got was a full inbox. half of the websites didn’t even recongnize my address, they said it was an invalid address. it’s where i live!!!! this whole process was very agrivating and i will never do it again. i am very dissapointed and was looking forward to getting something free.

  10. my stepdaughter just had a little girl and would love this please choose me thank you

  11. my sister is due in 7wks and i think this would be fantastic for her as a starter!

  12. My niece would love this,she have a new born.

  13. hi im not sure how this works but please may i have one of the baby gift sets as i have a 2 week old baby

  14. my sister is due in 2 weeks and i think this would be a great gift for her!

  15. my gal would love this for her lttle boy.she is due in four more weeks and wereso pleased that hes gunna be here for xmas…

  16. i just gave birth to my 6 months old son. and yes stuff is expensive.cant really afford that cuz i’m just get lay off…can u plaese help me!!

  17. I am always looking for great gifts for my friends , especially when they have children!

  18. hi, please i need help with these stuf, i have triplet boys and i wii be very happy to recieve them thank you very much.

  19. am 5 months up the duff so it would be graet

  20. hey i really need this stuff i have a baby boy and i would be really happy to recieve it thanks very much

  21. well the way the world is today i need as much help and free stuff i canget.

  22. I think i should get it… it would be good for me to try out on my son… he is a gerber baby.. and i would love to try it on him.

  23. my sister just had her baby on march 24/09 and i think that this would be great for her. he is so precious, his name is Parker

  24. I want my grandson, to giggle so it would be good for mekhi

  25. oh my gosh my kids loved it

  26. i really would love and need this so much..

  27. i just had a twins and i would love to try all of the stuff from giggles thank u

  28. i so need somthing to give to my brother for his birthday he is turning 2

  29. My sister is pregnant with her first child. This would be a good starter for her!

  30. this is my brother first he would love it

  31. My sister is having her first baby and this would be the perfect gift for them

  32. i have a 4 year old and a 3 mth old and i just found out that im pregnant again. im a stay at home mom because day care costs way to much so we are short on cash. this would be great.

  33. yes this would be good concerning how everything is right now

  34. This whould be awesome I have two little ones and one on thhe way!!!!

  35. ive just had my first daughter and id appreciate her something nice

  36. I have a 19month old girl and a 3 month old boy, it would be so nice and helpful.

  37. thank………..

  38. this would be wonderful

  39. i really need this for my new baby on the way i dont work and i really need it

  40. im having a baby this would be great for me

  41. Iam going to have my first baby! This would ba any amazing way to keep my baby clan,soft and smellin good!

  42. I am havin a baby and money is really tight I need all the help I can get

  43. i just had my daughter almost 3wks ago and this could help me in the long

  44. i have a 14 month old daughter and i love all gerber items 😉

  45. i just found out i was pregnate a few days ago and money is really tight right now

  46. my sister in-law could really use this right about now

  47. I have three kids and I have always used the baby wash and lotion I love it

  48. i am having a newborn baby in december

  49. i have a three year old son and every since i had him i been useing nothing but the best baby lotions the washes it just have the baby skin all soft and smelling good i love it.

  50. I would love if I got this for my baby.

  51. I have a nephew and a neice. I am half raising them since my brother (their father died). This would help alot.

  52. i have a 11 month old and would love to get gerber products i am a single mother and these products are great

  53. i have a 9 month oldit wooulde awesome!