Free Guitar Pick Holder And Picks – EXPIRED

Free Guitar Pick Holder

If you or someone you know plays the guitar, here’s a free guitar pickholder and 5 black 88mm picks compliments of Prodlix.

Prodlix is the maker of fine custom guitars. Every guitar crafted by Prodlix is custom designed from the ground up to fit the client perfectly. These are some amazing-looking guitars, so be sure to give the gallery a look.

To get your free pick holder filled with five guitar picks, simply fill out your shipping information after following the above link. If you don’t play but know someone who does, be sure to pass it along or have it shipped directly to them.



36 Responses

  1. Chad says:

    Carrie, I’m marking this as expired as a few people have not received theirs either. Also, please remember that does not ship or fulfill the freebies in any way. We simply find other sites that are offering free stuff and then let our visitors know about them. Thanks!

  2. Carrie Smith (Jesse Smith) says:

    I have requested these picks for my son Jesse Smith twice and never received any. I am trying again because he is just learning the guitar and was thrilled when I told him I ordered this for him. Please send them. Thank you.

  3. ????????? says:

    i still havent received anything ,,,almost a month

  4. i love this stuff i really need one

  5. Joey Allen says:

    These for my two sons, they have just started learning to play guitar. They will love them, Thanks

  6. becki dinkins says:

    great! my husband will love this

  7. delaianah says:

    u guys r awesome

  8. delaianah says:

    i heart pic holders

  9. delaianah says:

    i play guitar and i need some picks

  10. Henry Rozee says:

    i can advertise you on our website

  11. Theresa says:

    Mine never even came in the mail. It’s been months..

  12. Ferdinand Astrologo says:

    Thank u very much.

  13. larry arends says:

    tried this before didnt work

  14. Staci Lyons says:

    my son could really use this

  15. Anastasia Leidy says:

    I hope the products are free!!!!

  16. Hope says:

    i cant wait to get it

  17. Ricky Ibarra says:

    Excellent! This is cool, We got plenty of guitars, and would be nice to put picks in a container like this one.

  18. Alex Sherman says:

    I like to play guitar alot and I always loose my picks and I need a pick holder.

  19. John Swanson says:

    Sorry folks, the free picks are no longer being given out, they don’t even answer their e-mails, I tried 3 separate times over 4 months to get a set of free picks and they never sent any, and when I went to e-mail them to ask them why they never responded.
    They don’t even have the common courtesy to tell you: Sorry we are no longer giving picks out.

  20. Wayne says:

    It’s been over a month and still no picks. They won’t even reply to my emails. Sounds like a scan.

  21. Casey says:

    Sweet!!! I was like o what the heck why not try it. So I clicked on the free guitar pick holder link. I was a little scared to give out my info on the internet like my address and stuff but it was ligit and i’m going to recieve my holder and 5 picks in 1-2 weeks time!

  22. pmcd says:

    only free in USA.. sure let them stay there then

  23. mary wilcox says:

    Thank you. I am getting these for my niece. She will love them. Mary

  24. pick holder to cover my ding on my g tar awsome!

  25. ronda castro says:

    it is great to recieve something without any strings attached

  26. Wayne says:

    none of the website links work how can I get the holder and pick

  27. my husband likes picks

  28. xbox boy says:

    are thease reali free

  29. Shane Garner says:

    i love picks

  30. katie says:


  31. Tom Ryan says:

    hello i really really need one of these!
    My picks they are on the loose about my house! if i dont get some kind of contraption like the one you are offering then i my house will be in anarchy. PLease sir… save me

  32. Marissa says:

    the picks r awesome!!thx!!!!