Free Helio Ocean Cell Phone – EXPIRED

I don’t know about you, but I haven’t seen a much better looking phone than the Helio Ocean. OK, so the iPhone looks a bit better, but the Ocean definitely comes in at a close second. One thing I do like about the Ocean versus the iPhone is the actual “buttons” you push versus full touch screen. If you have tried to dial an iPhone while driving for instance, you can probably appreciate what I’m talking about here.

Slide it up vertically to grab the number pad, slide it up horizontally to reveal the full keyboard. I like this keyboard a little better than the one that’s on the LG Voyager, but that’s just me. You may prefer this one.

Here are some specifications:

  • Backlit QWERTY keyboard
  • Huge, crystal clear, 2.4-inch QVGA display
  • 2 megapixel camera with 4x digital zoom
  • Video recording
  • 200 MB internal memory
  • GPS enabled
  • HTML browser

Check it out before they pull this promotional offer. I’m sure it won’t last long.

Click here to get your free Helio Ocean cell phone now — EXPIRED

45 Responses

  1. marilynnoble says:

    I am disappointed the promotion is over. when will a new one begin? marilyn noble

  2. darren says:

    dis is the best phone and i need it bad

  3. Lisa Rogers says:

    I love it

  4. scott says:

    i like this phone because it looks very fun and cool i really wish i had it 🙂

  5. Robert Frick says:

    it would be great to give to one of my kids and help save my funds thanks

  6. Anton Christian Hutagaol says:

    I need that phone because i think it’s awesome and cool. A new design of technology. Thank you.

  7. morgan says:

    i have this phone ahahaha

  8. Vada Grimes says:

    I want one so bad but I can’t afford it.
    Please give it to me!!!

  9. kels4ife says:

    i really need tha phone because i got so many phone and i want to add that one to my collection

  10. gabriel says:

    can i have it because it will be me first cellphone

  11. ondelow says:

    i have one…and i had an iphone.. i like the ocean

  12. that’s the coolest phone I’ve seen yet.

  13. Kennetta says:


  14. Faizan says:

    Gooooood Stufff

  15. this looks i nice phone….would be nice to own one…thanks

  16. i will like to get this free ipod it will be very good for me

  17. ryan conc says:

    cause its the best fone nd it wud be best suited 4 me

  18. hayulz says:

    i wish i could have a phone like this its sharp!!!!! i would take great care of it and pride and i will never drop it like my other phone lol i droped it 5 times in 12 years

  19. Dayton says:

    sexy cell ,if i won it i would have it on a gold stitched pillow.

  20. maddy says:

    cool cell sexy looks let me keep my figures cross and hope i win t

  21. cyndi says:

    I really hope i win the phone i think it is very sharp!I would take very good care of it. It would be my pride and joy

  22. madison hoover says:

    i hope i win so i do not have to ask my mom or dad for it

  23. cynthia says:

    can I receive this phone please happy new year

  24. sheryl says:

    happy new year to me! thanks

  25. lia says:

    this phone is really cute i would love to have it. this would be a dream come true

  26. this is the best phone i ever seen

  27. can i really get this for free??

  28. tommy says:

    thats an awsome phone, i hope i win

  29. sarah says:

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  30. sarah says:

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  31. channelle weggen says:

    I would like to have this phone.

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  34. i promice i will do absulty anything even give u 200.00 dollors

  35. i will do any thing for it

  36. john says:

    this fun looks awesom.
    how do you get these?
    if you press “click here to get your free helio phone” it just goes into

  37. sam says:

    free is the only thing i can afford trust me! is it really free??? please say it is!! i love it!

  38. Andy says:

    oh my god.. that’s really unbelievable if i’ll getting that free.
    i like that …

  39. Rolanda says:

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  40. Alyssia says:

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  41. Ricky says:

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  42. robwert says:

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