Free Lego Club Magazine Subscription (2 Years)

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Sign up for a free 2-year subscription to the Lego Club Magazine.

If your child is under the age of 7, he or she will automatically be sent the Lego Club Jr. magazine.

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  1. best

  2. Free 2 yr Logo manazine

  3. my grand son will love that

  4. My grandson would like one!!!

  5. My kids will love!

  6. My grandson is really glad to get this! Thanks!

  7. it wont let me click on it!

  8. i got it now t work….teehhee

  9. My nephew will love this!

  10. my grandson will like this….

  11. me and my adorable kides will love this thank u

  12. My son will love this!

  13. i like legos


  15. So exciting! My boys will be so happy, Thanks ! I cant wait to receive it.

  16. my 4yr old loves legos..!he can build all day with em.!:)

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