Free LG Voyager Cell Phone – EXPIRED

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This phone really rocks. If you’re not into the touch-screen dialing and texting of the iPhone, this is the best thing for you. The LCD screen has touch screen features, but the phone flips down to reveal a full QWERTY keyboard for writing emails, sending text messages and dialing your phone. If you prefer to use the touchscreen to dial, you can do that as well.

Navigating the internet is a breeze with this phone, simply touch the screen to scroll or visit links on the page that you are visiting. With this phone you can receive news, sports, 3D games and have access to over 2 million songs right at your fingertips. It is VCast Video and Music enabled.

What else does this puppy have? A 2 megapixel camera with full camcorder features, a MicroSD slot for a memory boost and of course Bluetooth connectivity for your headset. You’ll also get access to a full GPS turn-by-turn navigation system possible with this phone.

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  1. ohhmiigawd. i hav wanted da voyager 4evr!! such an awesome fone!! i need a fone soo badly && dis is da one i want! :]]

  2. =0 thats a sick phone i would do anything for this phone since my parents cant afford to by me one this would be so nice =)

  3. Do people really get yall phones for free the reason i asked that is because i have been on this website about three years ago and have not recieved my free gift but thanks anyway

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  23. Please pick me i am a single mother and my son is a latch key child and he needs it to let me know when he is home from school.

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  44. yeah..ive had a voyager for 5 months and its terrible. i hate it so much and couldn’t have made a poorer choice when picking a phone

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