Free Online Photo & Graphics Editing Software

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Free Online Photo & Graphics Editing Software

Looking for a free alternative to touch up your digital photographs or images that you use in email or on your social networking profiles? Well, we’ve found it and the name is Pixlr.

I just got through testing this thing out, and I must say that it’s awesome. The photo editing software has lots of photo effects built right in, and you can load your photos for editing from your computer or from a file linked anywhere on the web. The standard functions such as rotate and crop are there as well. I do wish they would add a function to convert all photos to black and white, but other than that there are lots of fun effects you can use on your pictures.

The image editing software features layers and does a lot of things that more expensive applications such as PhotoShop and Fireworks does right out of the box. The more fancy bells and whistles aren’t there, but for a free web-based application, this thing is super powerful. You can save your files easily (just like in a local software application) after making any adjustments.

Give both a try — registration is not even required.



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  2. Ok let me try it if it work

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