Free Online Valentines Day Cards

Yesterday we posted some awesome sites about free Valentine’s Day cards. If you’re not really into giving or sending Valentine’s Day cards the old-school postal-mail way, today we’re taking a look at free online Valentine’s Day cards.

These cards are easy to send (just enter the recipient’s email) and are sure to make a big splash. To help you find the best free online Valentine’s Day cards, we’ve put together a list of the best resources on the web.

Free Online Valentine’s Day Cards

USA Greetings: This site is one of our top recommendations because the cards are neatly organized into a wide range of categories, including “Family,” “Be My Valentine,” and “Classic.” On top of this, the sheer amount of cards to choose from is enormous, well over 100.

Free E-Cards Online: Free E-Cards Online is one of our top picks because the sending process is easy to follow, and in addition, the wide range of options means that every card is guaranteed to be unique. Visitors have the option to select color, music, poem, headline, and message for their card, then add up to 10 recipients.

Free Valentines E-Cards: We love this site because the card selection boasts a unique blend of style and design that is hard to beat. With over a dozen choices, each card is sure to make a splash. Make this year extra special with a card from Free Valentines E-Cards.

HDGreetings: At HDGreetings, simply put, the cards are fantastic. First off, this site has over four dozen cards to choose from, each expertly designed. Make sure you visit this site first, you won’t regret it. Why do we love this site so much? The designs of course! At, each card is sure to amaze, particularly because the designs recall a certain Valentine’s Day nostalgia that is sure to bring back old memories. Hit the link and start sending!

There ya go, now you can send cards the old fashioned way or electronically. It’s up to you!




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