Free Samsung Juke – EXPIRED

Play up to 500 tracks out loud for a crowd through the external speaker or play them quietly to yourself.
Juke is bluetooth stereo headset capable which means you can listen to your music wirelessly and discreetly anytime or anywhere. Music pauses to talk and resumes once a call has ended so that you never miss a word and never skip a beat.

You can keep your Juke loaded with fresh sounds and different play lists too. With V Cast Music Manager you can easily sync music from your PC to Juke’s 2 GB mass internal storage.

Juke Specifications:

  • Holds up to 500 songs
  • VGA Camera
  • External speaker lets you play music out loud
  • Mobile IM
  • Sync music from your PC with V Cast Music Manager
  • Bluetooth Headset Capable
  • VZ Navigator Capable

Click here to get your free Samsung Juke now — EXPIRED



72 Responses

  1. stephanie says:

    I WOULD really like this phone i have family that live in Texas or my dad who lives in west Jordan that i don’t really get to talk to all that much plz

  2. nikki says:

    well im trying to get my daughter a cell phone because she is in middle school and she really needs one so im was trying to surprise her with one so can you make a little girls dream come true please and thankyou.

  3. denise says:

    i would love to give this phone tomy daughter for her birthday

  4. This would be perfect.Thankyou very much.Please.

  5. Gareth says:

    im goin to give the phone to my son as he’s moving away with his mum and it will be a good way for us to keep in contact. thanx

  6. leona says:

    i want this fone coz my fone just broke and am well gutted i need one so i can keep in touch wit my sister in ireland please x

  7. Danny says:

    I like the way it play songs.

  8. barbara ann scott says:

    i want one so bad i never had any thing like that.

  9. mookie says:

    i need this

  10. josie says:

    i really want this phone so i can keep up with my sister who has cancer:(

  11. kynda says:

    Omg i so need a new phone mines taped shut lol.

  12. domonique johnson says:

    pretti pleaze can i have this phone dis is my 1st phone and i want it to be special

  13. bruce says:

    its the best if you want to rock all day and party all nite

  14. Robert Frick says:

    I got a sixteen yr old daughter driving me nuts so if u do thanks if not its ok thanks anyways

  15. ryan jenkins says:

    i want it i will offer something in return i love this website please i know i want it u know u want so lets do this thing and if i dont get it i hope it makes laugh

  16. Ryan Franklin says:

    Dang i could use this phone instead of my old phone since i broke my new one..

  17. Doran Wallace says:

    Man it would be nice to have a samsung juke from when im chilling on the stup kicking it with my home boy luke.

  18. i would really really love one please thankyou

  19. thomas says:

    i love you free stuff, and would also love that phone

  20. blessing says:

    pls i want one badly.i have been out of touch with my loved ones for long.pls

  21. josh says:

    plzzzzz omg i have never had a cell phone and this one looks kool

  22. rubio says:

    ineed this cell phone for work the want i have is broken and it turns off when im talken cant afort 1 cell

  23. jody says:

    please can i have a phone i have never ever had 1 please please please

  24. reynald says:

    give me one plz………..

  25. justin says:

    its nice so post that phone to me thanks yea!!!! baby!!!

  26. garrett traxler says:


  27. sunil s says:

    one for me please

  28. austin says:

    i would like to see how the coverage would be

  29. austie says:

    i would like to see how the phone works as far as the coverage thanks

  30. QUNISHA says:


  31. sunny says:

    i haven’t got any gift or anything from will make me happy and it will put the smile on my face if some or every one will try to get this and send it to me. i am not forcing but you should understand how good it is to make someone happy.

  32. kennedy says:

    i have never used a cellphone before so i would be very appreciative if its mine

  33. alexis woodruff says:

    i need it bad

  34. John says:

    Just had my phone stolen.. would be greatly appriciated if I was selected for it..

  35. donovan says:

    Please give it to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  36. endru says:

    i like crazy samsung because yhis phone have strong and easy to used.

  37. Keith says:

    i have the original juke and this one is much better.

  38. cody says:

    please i gave wanted one for 8 years now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Kaelyn says:

    im gonna get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. HASH says:


  41. virginia causey says:

    i would like to try something new.

  42. dennis says:

    i never had a phone please have one

  43. Andy says:

    if i get this one, i will give it for my lovely mom, coz her handphone was lost (steal by the thief)

  44. mhg says:

    please can i have one, i really need a new phone x

  45. Zianna says:

    aww can i prett plz have 1

  46. jarmarius erves says:


  47. jarmarius erves says:


  48. enrique alvarez says:

    i really want one