Free Seeds For Seniors – EXPIRED

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If you are a senior over 50 years old or know someone who is, you (or they) qualify for two free packages of seeds from SeniorSell.

Just fill out the request form and your seeds will be on their way.

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  1. Request for seeds for seniors.

  2. I love getting free stuff. Keep up the good work. We seniors need all the free stuff we can get. Thank you.

  3. Love planting seeds and watching them start to grow. Thank you for offering the free seeds to seniors.

  4. Thank you.

  5. seniors appreciate this

  6. I know that keeping the country healthy is important. This ia a wonderful way to see that happen.

  7. Thank you

  8. I’m looking forward to receiving the Free Seeds. Thanks, Bob

  9. bless you

  10. i love watching things grow…thank you in advance

  11. all people want healthy. I would like to try it.

  12. Thank You

  13. Thank You,Just in time for the season.

  14. Thank you this is a one of a kind offer

  15. Growing things give grandparents and grand kids something to do together

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