Free Sharpie Markers From Target – EXPIRED

Starting on 7/10/11, Target will have 2-pack of Sharpie markers on sale for $1.00 per pack. I’m writing about this now just in case the coupon goes away before the item goes on sale.

Use $1/1 coupon that you print out to make these free. Note that you’ll have to scroll through to find the coupon. I found it on page 4 on the Target coupon site.

Please note that you will still have to pay sales tax, but this is still a great deal!



11 Responses

  1. Alan Ellis says:

    We love sharpies.

  2. Constance Putnam says:

    i use them all the time and im always runnning out…..

  3. diana presnull says:

    this stuff really does work!! cool!!!!!!

  4. morgan says:

    omg sharpies but wut if they bleed through =\

  5. cindy jean says:


  6. cindy jean says:

    sharpies are cool

  7. cindy jean says:

    this product is use ful for so many things

  8. cindy jean says:

    hey i heard this stuff really works

  9. linda says:

    I will try it

  10. julie says:

    I like havin sharpie markers around

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