FREE Stickers from Peta2

animal-rights-sticker-sheetLove free stickers and animals? You’re at the right place! Fill out the form below to order yourself some peta2 stickers and info on helping animals. And if you can’t wait for these to arrive in the mail, print some out yourself and get stickin’!

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Who is peta2? They are an animal rights group that takes on anyone who abuses animals.

FREE OFFER is limited to one order per e-mail address every 30 days. At this time, orders can be shipped to Street Teamers in the U.S., the U.K., and Canada ONLY. If you live outside these countries, check out peta2’s FREE printable sticker sheets instead!



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  1. Animal abuse is the worst thing ever. Poor, innocent animals don’t deserve this! I will spread the news about these stickers so everyone will put them up and be cautioned about actually losing these precious animals forever…..

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