Free Stuff From Dr. Oz Starting At 3PM EST TODAY – EXPIRED

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Update 2:  It looks like the Target card promo is over. That was painful, but I predicted it would be like that due to overwhelming demand.

Update: For the Target gift card, go to Click on this link multiple times to open multiple tabs or browser windows. Refresh the page when it times out.

This is a great freebie post that we have for you guys today. The only catch is that you are going to have to be FAST to get in on these premium freebies.

Be sure to mark it down on your calendar for today (3pm EST / 12pm CST) and bookmark this post so that you will have fast access to the freebies. Here we go:

  • Free $50 Target Gift Card – First 5,000 people ONLY starting at 3pm EST
  • Free 60-count bottle of Shiff Megared – First 500 people ONLY starting at 3pm EST
  • Free eye exam from Pearle Vision – First 5,000 people ONLY starting at 3pm EST
  • Free Skechers Shape-Ups shoes – First 800 people only starting at 3pm EST
  • Free Night at Holiday Inn – First 300 people ONLY starting at 3pm EST
  • Free 90 Day Membership to 24 Hour Fitness – First 1,000 people ONLY starting at 3pm EST



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  1. Target always seems to have what I need for my Gift giving. Thanks Target

  2. all of the sites i went to after 3pm est said to come back at 3pm est

  3. Why isn’t the links working? Is it just my computer?

  4. What a bunch of whooey!!! Couldn’t get onto any of the sites and it’s just now 3:05. Bunch of BULL$h!t.

  5. Holiday Inn site crashed, Couldn’t even get onto Sketchers, Target said to come back at 3 pm EST, which it was, this pretty much sucked.

  6. love to get the freebies Thank you

  7. No luck for me. Every one of these sites got hammered.

  8. 24 hour Fitness already over, Holiday Inn, Target, Skechers pages didn’t even load.

  9. Skechers finally loaded and said it’s over!!!

  10. I love Target. They usually have better prices on the stuff I’m looking for too!

  11. love shopping at target for everything

  12. all your need are met at target

  13. hope im not too late.

  14. This was a wasste of time for me.
    I tried to connect for the first 30 minutes with no luck.

  15. love shopping at target

  16. I had problems as well, but did manage to finally get through on the Target page. Here is what it said when the form finally went through:

    Thanks for registering!

    If you were one of the first 5,000 to sign up, you’ll be notified via e-mail by Nov. 9, 2010 and will receive your Target GiftCard® in the mail within 4-6 weeks.

    I would keep trying if I were you. Here is what I did:

    Open this page:

    and click on the banner advertising the target gift card multiple times, so that you have multiple tabs or windows open at once.

    Let them grind away trying to connect, and when one of the tabs or windows times out, click on the ‘Try Again’ button. Keep doing this over and over and eventually it should load.

  17. All of these were over in less than 10 minutes!!!

  18. Did anyone else find that the target website did not work. It kept on saying check back on the 9th at 3pm. Whats up with that.

  19. Updated link for Target gift card:

  20. Tried for 51 minutes and gave up – why have an offer that has a non-functioning link? Waste of time…

  21. I got through to register for the card but the site wouldnt let me submit it. this was a joke waited all day to do this

  22. i watched the same and he kept saying at 3pm. its 2:53pm according to my cell phone and the internet and they all say “sorry you missed it” what???? its not 3pm est yet??

  23. Received my Target Store Gift Card today and immediately used it for something I really needed. Had no problem getting in at mentioned time.

    Thanks Dr. Oz, Target and Free!

  24. I just got the chance to use my daughters computer since I don’t have one. I would be so happy to receive free stuff from Target.

  25. i want in on this please

  26. i want in on this please

  27. i love would to win

  28. help i can,t get this to work so how can i get it ?

  29. Yes has expired

  30. I got through to register for the card but the site wouldnt let me submit it. this was a joke waited all day to do this

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