Free World Map – EXPIRED

Click here to get it [external link].

World Vision is giving away free printed world maps, having in mind that this action will help to build better world, reminding every one that the earth doesn’t have any other supporter than you.

World Vision world map give away is sponsored by our partners. Simply complete the form and you will receive printed world map for free. Available Worldwide. Limits: will be sent one map per household; will be given away 15000 maps only.



14 Responses

  1. Heather says:

    Any way to still get a FREE world map, I would love one to display in the house to teach my kids where things are in the world!

  2. tony eccles says:

    i would love it on my wall to plan were to go next

  3. Chad says:

    Monika, the external site that was giving away the free map changed their page to a weight-loss application. We have no control of that. I’ve marked the freebie as expired.

  4. monika says:

    hey, i get redirected to a weight loss application. Why do you guys do that? It happens often. Anyway, how do i order this map you say is free?

  5. monika says:

    My son would love this map for his birthday!

  6. stephanie ford says:

    i would like to have this world map because i am taking a geography class and it would really help me a lot i could get my dad to order it for me

  7. Kevin Dingas says:

    for my wife the teacher

  8. yuvraj agrawal says:

    i love free stuff. it would go right on my favorite wall in my favorite bedroom where i sleep on my favorite side on my favorite bed by my favorite window has the seen of my favorite planet.


  9. catarina ford says:

    for my girl to show how big the world is and how much there is to dream about and see.

  10. Tracey says:

    this would be great map for my sons room 🙂

  11. I am really interesting in receiving the world map because of its size verses a booklet.

  12. Iwould love a world map

  13. Julie Noland says:

    To better learn geography.

  14. Samantha says:

    I would like to own a map because i don’t have one in my house.

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