Free PlayStation 3 – EXPIRED

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My second favorite console (just under the XBOX 360) is the PlayStation 3. Probably what I like most about the PlayStation 3 is the bundled BlueRay player that comes with it. Nowhere else on the console market can you find a high-powered gaming machine with the best DVD player to boot.

Although for me, the online play isn’t quite what it is with XBOX Live, the PlayStation 3 onling gaming arena still delivers tons of hours of fun.

With the PowerPC-base Core @3.2GHz, 256MB XDR Main RAM @3.2GHz, 256MB GDDR3 VRAM @700MHz and a 20 GB hard drive, you’ll blaze through the newest titles like they’re 10 years old.

Check it out with Grand Theft Auto IV bundled and free shipping from FedEx. Hit the link below.

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  1. i still play my super nintendo, so i need an upgrade 🙂

  2. I need a new ming console so bad and a new DS.

  3. aww can i have 1 plz ive got a ps1

  4. i dont even have a system and i would to receive this one my kids last system was nintendo please choose me for this i hear the graphics are so awesome i would love to see for myself thank you

  5. Well, i have PC but i newer tryed ps3 or xbox 360, would be nice to have it

  6. my old ps2 dosent work anymore i need a new one and this one is way to expensive my parents said no :c

  7. iv really wanted one of these

  8. iv only had one system in my life and that was a nintendo.

  9. i realy want 1 because ive got no consoles and i heared it was amazing i asked my parents but its too expencive

  10. if i won this ps3 i would play it 24 hours a day
    man… i realy on one

  11. sure looks shiny… would be cool to have one.

  12. This is my first time here and well I have no game consoles..and my brother really wants one…=]

  13. my kids might not have an ***mas because i have no money no job no nothing and my boys love games when they go over ther friends they play games all day and he only 4 going on five but for once in his life he need something they he can say it his

  14. me and my brother wanted a PS3 ever since it came out in stores

  15. I had a ps1 and ps2. I would love to try the latest version. Thanks.

  16. My Son is about to finish school and I would love to give him a Playstation 3 as an award for making great grades.

  17. we r to poor to buy 1

  18. pls,i really need one cos i have never had any game console in my whole entire life except from a little brickgame

  19. i would like a PS3, I hear nothing but good things about it, but they are way expensive and I can not afford one. I don’t know of anybody ever getting anything free from you guy’s but I guess it dos’nt hurt to try.

  20. the PS3 rule’s, but I can’t afford one.

  21. i dont believe its realy free. u probobly have to subribe to some magazine or something like that

  22. ps3 rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. PS3 RULES!!!!!

  24. including call of duty 5 world at war

  25. hi love to get a ps3 has their wicked my m8 as got one n we are always going over their house to play on it and it would be nice if i could get one sent to me so i could just sit in my own house and chill out and relax while playing on it and spending the time with my family instead of going to friends everyday and night so please could you send me one out


  27. i need a ps3 because i broke my brothers xbox 360 while he was on vacation and now i feel really bad for him because his coming back on his birthday which is in a about a month so i thought that i should get him something better and a ps3 is so i hope u can send me one.

  28. I really want one of these it would be like the most best thing to get in my life!!!!!

  29. I all ways wanted one of these but i never had enough money to buy one.

  30. good

  31. thank you very good

  32. thank you very much

  33. i want a ps3 so bad wish i had one becus in the summer is be so boring

  34. I need one of these, i’m so frickin’ bored

  35. I want one for fathers day 6/21/2009

  36. i would really like a ps3 because i don’t have a computer at all not even a pc and having this would be a real delight because i have always dreamed about having one.

  37. please please can i have one bucause all my mates lash me because thay all have one and my mum and dad said no

  38. I have one and it is by far the greatest console ever created. A 360 has nothin on the PS3. It has way more features than a 360 does. It is the greatest.

  39. this is the best sistem

  40. I really like playing the system

  41. My son has never had a brand new console and they are always bored and they woul really like something to do!

  42. i have a ps2 and have had it since first came out and still works i think sony has the better gaming system by far it is a mini computer an it is awesome but having trouble purchasing one

  43. I have never had a console or anything and heard the ps3 is awsome! Would really be greatfull to have one..!!

  44. A surpise.

  45. My husbands birthday is coming up and he’s been wanting a PS3 since they first came out. I haven’t been able to give him anything that nice in years if ever so it would be awsome to give him a PS3 on his birthday. Just to see his reaction if i could give him that would be more than anything I could ask for.

  46. i am middle age never had a games console most off my mates have them if i got one they would be supprised

  47. i like ps3 becaues their are good

  48. my brother has one at his home and now he has me hooked. i really would like one . thanks