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Christmas time is here! This means only one thing: itโ€™s time to get into the spirit of the holiday! What better way to spice up your daily routine than with festive free Christmas borders? Weโ€™ve searched the Internet to bring you the best free Christmas borders to make this holiday extra special.

Free Christmas Borders

Lee Hansen: We found this site to be truly exceptional, primarily for its bold use of color and form. With selections such as Christmas tree, candy canes, Angels, and wreaths, this is one site you will be sure to visit again next year.

Christmas-Clipart: This is one site that sure focuses on quality over quantity. With four charming options to select from, and designs including Santa with reindeer, you’ll simply be amazed.

Royalty-Free-Christmas-Clipart: With Royalty-Free Christmas borders, you’ll notice that their designs have a unique artsy appearance, perfect for e-mails and other documents. From the classic to the contemporary, this is one of our top-rated sites.

Webweaver: From unique hand-drawn borders to classic cartoon designs, we highly recommend this site for its large selection. There are over four pages to choose from, amounting to a total of over two dozen borders.

You can use these borders to spice up your desktop, holiday invitations, your office space, or even in email templates.

So what are you waiting for? Christmas is just around the corner, so donโ€™t be left out in the cold and be sure to check out more free Christmas stuff at




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  10. I would like a Christmas border for an announcement for an up coming event.

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  12. i would like a christmas border for the letter that santa is sending my children, thanks

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  14. the borders are wait nice and creative and i like the

  15. I want the border you have featured on this page (stars and Santa) but can’t find it on any of your links (several of which don’t work), can you tell me where you got it from?

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