Free Christmas Crochet Patterns

When it’s Christmas time, it means something more than humdrum decorations, food, and store-bought presents. Some of the finest gifts during this time of the year are handmade, and to help you create that special present, we’ve put together a list of free Christmas crochet patterns. These five resources are sure to help you create an amazing gift or simply get those creative juices flowing.

Free Christmas Crochet Patterns

Crochet Pattern Central: Crochet Pattern Central is one of our top picks for the wide selection and slick directory design that makes finding the right project a breeze. We particularly loved the “Snowflakes” and “Ornaments” categories. Secondly, the patterns are great for all ages and skill levels, making this site one for the whole family.

Crochet Me: Crochet Me is another of our favorite sites for its dedication to all-things crochet related. Our favorite was the “Santa Hat Pattern,” which we completed relatively fast. The finished project was a little less than 4” tall and the size or type of wool that can be used is completely up to the crafter. This site is our top recommendation, so visit it first.

Mom’s Budget: This site is so amazing because the projects presented standout from the traditional red and green of Christmas. These projects have both unique color blends as well as interesting designs, so heard on over to get started.

Christmas Patterns: When it comes to selection, few sites beat this one, as the array of options represents both quality and quantity. Our favorite was the “Santa Cat in a Filet Crochet” project, and we’re sure you’ll love it too!

If you’re into crocheting, these sites will help you make something very special for a loved one or friend. If you’re not into making stuff, you should still check out the other free Christmas stuff that we have.





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