Free Christmas Desktop Themes

When it’s Christmas time, it’s time to decorate! This year, get ready to spice up your surroundings with a festive Christmas desktop theme. We’ve pulled together a list of the best resources on the web for free Christmas desktop themes. These five sites are sure to keep you occupied for hours, so go check ‘em out.

This is another post in our “Christmas Freebies” series, so let’s get down to business!

Free Christmas Savers: This site is one of our top recommendations because the themes are very rich and truly envelop you in the Christmas spirit. With nice pairings of sounds, cursors, icons, and much more, these themes go above-and-beyond.  Hit the link to start downloading these amazing themes!

Apple Blossom Art: Apple Blossom Art is another of our favorites because the themes aren’t prepackaged. This site allows you to choose from various cursors, sound sets, and icons to make your own theme! They also have a nice selection of WinAmp skins, Outlook stationary, and other themes for applications. This is just one resource you can’t pass up, so head on over now!

Cool Freebie Links: This directory is one of our favorites because the sites listed have the best themes around! The navigation layout is easy to access, so we’re sure you’ll be back for more. Don’t hesitate to visit this site, or you’ll regret it!

Get ready to spice up your desktop with a look and feel that’s perfect for this time of the year. Fire up that web browser and hit “Download” and get ready for a brand-new desktop, but be sure to check out all of the other free Christmas stuff we have at!




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