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When it comes to Christmas, the number one goal is to have fun! What better way to have fun this season than with some great Christmas games, and to help you find the best, we’ve searched the net for the best free Christmas games. These were some of the best sites we’ve seen, so tag along as we check out these sites.

Free Christmas Games The games featured at this site are geared towards parties and group events, but the wide selection makes it perfect for any number of participants. With games like “Who’s Santa,” “Gift Giving,” and “Santa Hat Game,” you’ll be back again and again. Hit the link and start putting these ideas into action!

Primary Games: We gave this site such high marks because the flash games offered are so addicting! From puzzles to platformers, there are games for every taste and skill level. Our favorites were “Sleigh Away” and “Snowline,” but we also recommend “Deep Freeze” and “Santa VS Jack.”

All Things Christmas: Why do we love All Things Christmas so much? Their flash games are outstanding! Their wide selection is what makes us keep coming back for more. Some examples of their games are “Dress a Snowman” and “Concentration.” The game play is incredibly smooth and the design goes above-and-beyond.

There ya go, so check ’em out. Online games are always fun, but this time of the year those with a Christmas theme are perfect. Before you start playing, be sure to check out more free Christmas stuff!




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  1. love to crochet with the kids…this should be fun!

  2. i would love this nothing better than games at christmas

  3. the best thing for christmas is games

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