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Well, it’s Christmas time! It’s the time of the year for presents, feasts, parties, and holiday fun. One great way to get in the spirit of the season is with festive free Christmas wallpaper. To help you find the best, we searched the web to bring you the top five free Christmas wallpaper sites.

Free Christmas Wallpaper At, you can choose from a dozen wallpapers. With their modern design and exquisite use of color, these wallpapers will dominate your desktop for months to come. High-resolution and widescreen versions are also available, depending on the offering.

Flash-Screen: is one of our top recommendations because it has over a dozen selections to choose from. Ranging from the hand-drawn to the digitalized, from the simple to complex, everybody is sure to find what they are looking for. Another reason why we gave this site such high marks is because of the easy to use navigational system that ranks by number of views in a date submitted.

Free Christmas Savers: This site is one of our top recommendations because they offer seven pages of Christmas wallpapers. With designs rarely seen anywhere else, including animals, etc., this is one site you can’t pass up. Hit the link to start downloading; you’ll be glad you did!

Christmas Wallpapers: We were simply stunned when we first visited the site, and needless to say, it made our Christmas. With dozens upon dozens of wallpapers to choose from, of all shapes and sizes, these offerings are sure to amaze. For example, we enjoyed the “Christmas Puppies,” “Candles,” and “Tongue-Tied” wallpapers. We recommend you visit the site first, we know we did!

So fire up that computer and try out some of these wallpapers. Be sure to check out more free Christmas stuff at




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    its beautiful

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    Beautyful wallpaper, like in stories. i like it.

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