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Poems are great tools in expressing our feelings and emotions in a creative way. Through poems, we are able to empower, motivate and celebrate a special occasion. During the Easter season, we can use poems with the Easter theme as a way to communicate to others by putting it in our greeting cards; or even use it as Easter ornaments as we celebrate the rebirth of life. We searched the web for some meaningful, fun, spiritual and creative free poems about Easter.

Poem Source: You will find a good number of religious Easter poems in The poems found on this site are centered on the Easter season itself. Through the poems, you will learn why we celebrate Easter and its importance in our lives. This is a dedicated site that provides us with religious Easter poems that educate, inspire and motivate. Do read their terms of use before using the poems.

The Holiday Spot: This site has a collection of varied free Easter poems. They have simple and fun poems which can be easily understood by young children. Yet, they also have serious and spiritual poems that resonate the real meaning of the Easter celebration. These poems will surely touch even a stone-cold heart.

Heavens Inspirations: Probably one of the best sites that offers Easter poems with a personal touch. You will find that the poems here are written with much fervor by the author. If you need an Easter poem that have a serious tone, you may want to check out this site. One great thing about the site is that there is a feature wherein you can listen to the poem. The author have stated that the poems can be freely used for church service, scrapbooks or craft projects. But please do read the terms of use before hand.

Poems For Free: If you want free Easter poems that are written in a technical way, browse this site for great Easter poems. All of the poems written here either have the letters of “HappyEaster” or “Easter” as the first letters of each of the poem’s line. These are short poems which depicts the emotions of the author based on the given subject. You’ll surely have a good read on this one.

Verses 4 Cards: If you need short poems with a fun and light tone, verses4cards have Easter poems for the young people (and young at heart). They have a good number of creative and rhyming poems especially made for today’s generation. Reading poems can sometimes be hard especially if the tone is very serious, so these light poems are surely gems for a lot of people.

Utmost Christian Writers: Here is a site which provides Easter poems contributed by different individuals. The theme for the said poems are basically about the life of Jesus and the celebration of Easter. Click the site and be uplifted by these heartwarming poems. Please take note that to read the site’s policy before using the poems.

Can Teach: Letting your kids read poems is one great way to educate them. The poems offered in this site will surely bring you back to your youthful years. With Easter bunnies and egg hunt as the subjects of the poem, the children will surely enjoy these Easter poems. The poems are not too long so they will not get bored easily. You can use the poems for scrapbooks or craft projects of the kids.

O Christian: Have yourself uplifted with these Christian Easter poems about the passion of Jesus, His journey during the season of lent up to His resurrection. The poems are created with great style and distinction. You will also love how they structured the poems to make them rhyme. Click the link to enjoy over a dozen of these Easter poems.

Big CS Shop: This site provides Easter Christian poems for children aged 6-12 years old. If you are looking for poems that the kids can use for their Easter craft projects or poems which they have to recite in class, the poems found in this site may be what you are looking for. The poems do not only educate and express what Easter is all about. It also provides enjoyment to the one who’s reading or listening to the poems.

Homeschooling @ Finally, here is a site that gives us Easter poems written by children themselves. You will surely be entertained by the creative works about Easter bunnies, eggs and Jesus. The best thing about a kid’s poem is that it reflects the genuine feelings of the child about Easter. So visit the site and be awed like we were.

So spice up your greeting cards, scrapbooks, or Easter craft projects with Easter poems. No matter how simple the poem is, it will surely touch your heart in a way or two.




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