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It’s Father’s day again. One of the most popular activities for kids during this season is coloring. Your kids may need coloring pages for their school work as well. Also, kids can do coloring activity with their dad during Father’s day as a form of bonding. Aside from these, coloring pages can also be given as a form of a present of your kids to their dad. Well, not all are gifted with an artistic hand and not all can draw beautifully. With coloring pages, kids can still enhance their creative minds through the use of colors. We have listed 10 sites that offer free Father’s Day Coloring pages that you can download for personal use.

DLTK-holidays: What we love about this site is the fact that they have included black and white (for coloring) and colored pages. This is great for kids who wants to have a guide in choosing the colors to use. The main theme of the coloring pages is the father and child bonding moments. They have also included coloring tracer pages with images that are related to dads. If you have Javascript enabled in your browser, you can easily print and close the window of the chose coloring page.

Hello Kids: Packed with two pages of free Fathers day coloring pages, you will get to download images of dads doing fun activities with his kids. Also, there are a lot of coloring pages which may serve as a greeting card as it contains “Happy Fathers Day” and “I love You Dad” greetings. The great thing about this site is that it allows you to color the page online (if you want to print it with colors already); and if your kid wants to color the page traditionally, you can print it out. They have easy click buttons.

Apples for the Teacher: This is a highly recommended site if you’re trying to find free coloring pages for Fathers day. The 3 pages consists of various themes which can be fun, serious or both. Clicking on the desired coloring page will direct you to the coloring page wherein you will be able to color the image online. But you can directly print the coloring page by clicking on the printer button on the landing page.

Educational Coloring Pages: If you want to use the coloring pages as a form of greetings cards, you may want to check out the free coloring pages that this site offers. All of the coloring pages have greeting texts on it making it ideal images for a greeting card. You can easily print the image using the print button in the page.

Coloring.Ws: Light and fun-themed coloring pages are what this site has to offer. The themes used in the coloring pages are simple, yet full of fun and life. Kids would enjoy coloring the images with two pages dedicated to Father’s day coloring pages. Likewise, they have an easy print system that you could use as long as Javascript is enabled in your browser.

Coloring Castle: One good thing about coloring pages in this site is that you can download all of them and create a coloring book. All of the coloring pages have greeting texts such as “Happy Fathers Day”, “World’s Best Dad” and “I Love You Dad”. You could download and let your kids color all of them. Then, give the coloring book as a present to your dad. We also like the fact that the pages are of high quality (with clearer images) as they are all in pdf format.

Coloring Pages for You: Fathers day coloring pages don’t have to have human being dads as images. This site does not only have people as their themes. But they have also included images of animals such as bears, dogs, cats and trees that depict Fathers day. The images are actually fun to color with detailed and intricate lines. We also love that that they have included a feature where in you can color the image online. In addition, you can also optimize the image by adding greeting texts, and you want more? You can save, print and even post it on facebook!

Coloring Book Fun: Now, here is a site that has free Fathers day coloring pages that even little kids can color. The themes of the images vary from one another, but they all have an easy level of difficulty. Hit the link and start downloading one or all of the 23 free coloring pages.

Coloring Pages Kids: All we can say is that we enjoyed every coloring page that is in this site. They almost have all the themes related to fathers day including images of dads with their kids, favorite things and tools of dads, images that has greeting texts, and they even have ribbon and coupon images that you can color. The print button also made it easier to print the coloring pages.

Now that you know where to find adorable coloring pages, hit the links and start downloading them just in time for Fathers day!

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