Free Halloween Backgrounds

Looking for a way to spice up a desktop or website? Since Halloween is just around the corner, we’ve searched through the web to bring you the best free Halloween backgrounds. All of our backgrounds are high-quality, so much so that you’ll remember to visit next year. Visit the links below for some of the scariest, bloodcurdling, and yes, kid-friendly background available.

This is another post in the “Halloween Freebies” series, where we bring you the top sites on the web for free Halloween goodies.

Free Halloween Backgrounds

dgreetings Wallpapers: To tell you the truth, dgreetings is one of our favorite free Halloween background sources. Want to know why? We like this site so much for two reasons, the tasteful design and resolution options. The resolutions available are 1024×768, 800×600, and 640×480. The designs offered? Our favorite background on dgreetings is the tombstone design.

Free-Backgrounds: At Free Backgrounds, the designs offered are unique in artistic quality and the ability to be remembered. These two factors make them the perfect choice for a website or otherwise. Most of the backgrounds are focused around pumpkins and simple Halloween standards, which makes them safe for all ages.

Free-Halloween-Wallpapers: Free-Halloween-Wallpapers has a distinctive array of Halloween backgrounds that are perfect for anyone who really wants to make a splash! Six wallpapers are offered, ranging from the demonic to the kid-friendly.

BillyBear4Kids: At BillyBear4Kids, the backgrounds offered consist mainly of real photography. What makes this site special is the humor present in some of the photos, such as witch crashing into a telephone pole. There are a few pictures with some digital enhancement for that extra Halloween touch! Hit the link to start downloading.

As they say, that’s all folks! We hope that this selection of high-quality free Halloween backgrounds was just what you were looking for. Remember that there are many more sites out there, but in our opinion, these were the best.

Check the sites out and see for yourself why these backgrounds will make this year unforgettable!




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