Free Halloween Crafts

When it comes to Halloween, nothing separates you from the pack like a few good Halloween crafts. What do you have planned? If you still can’t decide, then take a look at what we’ve found. These sites are sure to provide the inspiration and direction you’ll need to wow anyone.

This is another post in the “Halloween Freebies” series, so let’s get started!

Free Halloween Crafts

Craft Elf: Craft Elf is our first pick for free Halloween crafts. This site is so amazing because of the variety of crafts offered, ranging from party accessories to outdoor creations. Two of our favorite creations are the Pumpkin Light, which is a battery-powered lantern for Trick-or-Treating, and the Bat Magnet, which is a wonderful addition to any refrigerator.

Free Kid Crafts: At Free Kid Crafts, everyone can participate in such activities as Candy Corn Pins and Writing Witch Brooms. Every project is very easy and the materials are cheap too. In addition, the instructions are very easy to follow. Want to know the best thing about the crafts on this website? Most, if not all can be used as party decorations or party favors.

rats2u: Rats2u is a great site for Halloween crafts. The main reason why anybody can enjoy this website is the clear and easy navigation, advanced (adult) crafts on top of the page, kid’s crafts on the bottom of the column. Serving up dozens of projects, this is one site you can’t pass up.

Craft Site Directory: Craft Site Directory is a haven for Halloween crafts with selections from every medium. Whether you are looking for an adventurous cross-stitch or simple coloring activities for the little ones, Craft Site Directory has it all.

Kaboose: Kaboose has a wide array of Halloween crafts to choose from. Here you’ll find over 30 projects to choose from. Many of the crafts presented are completely original and unique, which is what sets Kaboose apart from the rest.

Like what you see? We’ve searched the web, and in our opinion, these are the best sites available for free Halloween crafts. There are still more out there, but few have the quality as the ones we found.

Don’t just stand there, start creating!

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    Another good easy craft for kids is free Halloween coloring pages like

  4. cant believe all the great stuff you have on this site

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    I would like to receive some of your free syuff great site

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    Nice site Craftzilla. You’ve got some cool, original stuff.

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    Great resource list! Kaboose crafts has always brought me a lot of ideas.

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