Free Halloween Music

When it comes time to throw that Halloween bash, or setup the scariest haunted house on the block, it won’t be complete without some good free Halloween music. We’ve searched the web to bring you tracks ranging from the horrifying to the entertaining, selections for all ages.

This is a continuation of our “Free Halloween Stuff” series, where we bring you the best Halloween freebies on the net. Now, let’s jump to it!

Free Halloween Music

Haunted Illinois: Haunted Illinois has an array of tracks that are perfect for a Halloween party. Want to know why? While the site does host a medley of standard fare, it shines in having over three dozen horror movie and TV show themes that will bring back the memories. Also, all of the files are in MIDI format for easy manipulation and compilation.

Kids Music: At Kids Music, you won’t find songs that will make your blood curdle, but you will find music to delight the kids and get them into the Halloween spirit. Some of the songs are “Haunted House,” “Hubble Bubble,” and “Ghost Train.” Our favorite song is “Vampire Disco,” which is just too unique to pass up.

Halloween Wishes: Halloween Wishes has a great selection of free Halloween music that won’t just scare you, but make your holiday a memorable one. Over 10 high-quality tracks are available for instant download, so don’t pass this opportunity up. After all, Halloween only comes once a year!

How was that? Are you impressed by what you saw, or rather heard? When it comes to free Halloween music, in our opinion these are the best sites. There are more out there, but these are the best we could find.

Now hit play and start celebrating, and be sure to check out other posts in our free Halloween stuff series.




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  1. jeremy says:

    I like freaking people out with scary music

  2. alychia says:

    i need 1 please and thank you

  3. donald says:

    i will like to get one

  4. crystal says:


  5. Thanks for listing my website on this article. I changed my whole website over the past month which includes changing the music titles to my Halloween music and I changed the html webpage filename. Here’s a direct link to my halloween music:
    Thanks again for your support, James Limborg.

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