Free Halloween Sound Effects

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Hello all, today we’re kicking off a series of freebies geared around the holidays. We’re going to start off with one of my favorite holidays, Halloween!

What is Halloween without some free Halloween sound effects? Whether you’re building a haunted house for the neighborhood kids or just want some cool, scary sounds for those trick-or-treaters that will be coming to your door, below are some sites that will hook you up.

Free Halloween Sound Effects

Radio Earth Halloween Page: This page is packed with links to free halloween sounds effects, screensavers, fun things to do on Halloween, a Halloween “book of rules”, the history of Halloween and much more. You’ll find links to four or five places offering even more sound effects right from this page.

Halloween Sound Effects from Free-Loops: This is a high-quality collection of sounds including the original “Halloween” theme song as well as some quality Halloween hip-hop songs. This one is so unique it’s a must-see.

There ya go, so get out there and start burning some CDs and scaring your friends!




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  1. Please send the free offers

  2. Heeeelllooooo I like Halloowwweeennneeee;)

  3. Thanks for the hook-up

  4. love hallowween

  5. my halloween sounds at the when trick treater come to the door

  6. i am the girl from the asylum next door and i have come to say one thing…

    KISS THE BABY!!!!!!

  7. free stuff for my kids

  8. i love free stuff

  9. ijust love spooky music

  10. sweet.

  11. This will be soo cool!!

  12. If үou are stiⅼl interesteⅾ іn obtaining this
    device foг free you ѕhould examine guidelines Ьelow.

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