Free Personalized Video From Santa Claus – EXPIRED

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This free video from Santa Claus and Portable North Pole is great. I actually did this last year and it was a big hit.

“Santa Claus and his amazing PNP console will be online during the entire holiday season. With just a few clicks, this technological marvel will let your loved ones receive a personal message from Santa Claus, sent directly from his village in the North Pole. Rediscover Christmas with this immersive and unique experience that brings the holiday magic back to life.”

This is perfect for toddlers or young children as they get geared up for the holiday season.




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  1. I am havig trouble with it

  2. Is this safe??? you are putting a description of your child who else can see this

  3. Jana, it is very safe. No one but the people you share the video with can see it. Also, they just ask for basic information like first name and give you options to check for the child’s likes and dislikes.

  4. 🙂

  5. Do you have to be a facebook member to view the video? I did it but just takes you to a facebook sign in and does not play the video.

  6. Herschal, last year we just made the video and then used the direct link to the video that it gave us. It is possible they have changed things, but look for a direct link that you can share.

  7. My son would love this

  8. Hello,How Do You Get It?

  9. why does it insist on zip code? I tried to skip that, and it will not let me…

  10. dear santa wat i realy want 4 x-mas is my family all together in one house for a few hours!

  11. dear santa wat i realy want 4 x-mas is my family all together in one house for a few hours!Love Venus Star Bouvat

  12. i love you santa…

  13. santa for chrismas i wud like the sea monkey curcis.

  14. hi i so love you i wud like to met jls and one direction and the wanteds. And i wud like the SEA MOKEY CUCIS.

  15. hi santa claus how are you thday from gaige

  16. i will like that

  17. please my birthday is coming up my birthday is october 7 and i was born 2001

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