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When it’s Christmas time it can only mean one thing: presents! To help with your gift-giving this holiday season, we’ve put together a list of the best free printable Christmas labels on the web. These were the best we found on our web searches, so check ‘em out.

This is another post in our “Christmas Freebies” series, so let’s go!

Free Printable Christmas Labels We simply can’t say enough about this site;  it’s one of our favorite resources for free printable Christmas labels. Right now, we are enthralled with the bear Christmas tag, which details a red-bordered tag surrounded by mistletoe and candy canes, overlaid with a teddy bear. This tag can be resized depending on the package, so feel free to experiment to your heart’s content.

Free Printable Gift Tags: Free Printable Gift Tags has over a dozen options to choose from. The unique design of the cards is what truly makes  them stand out, each hand drawn with simple shapes and well-placed color schemes. Hit the link to start printing and get ready to send some packages!

Print Stationary: Print Stationary has some of the finest labels we’ve ever seen. The rounded, smooth designs of the tags will make them standout to friends and family, and in combination with the traditional Christmas themes, you’ll remember them too. With a wide selection and multiple sizes, these tags are perfect for presents of all sizes.

BasketMakers:  BasketMakers has a wonderful Christmas label printout that has a traditional look and feel perfect for unlike any other. These labels are reminiscent of those found at craft stores and similar, so don’t be surprised when somebody asks you where to buy them!

Mint Printables: At Mint Printables, you can pick and choose from six amazing free printable Christmas labels. With cute designs not seen anywhere else, don’t hesitate to visit. Ranging from classic styles to modern innovations, the art in these tags will make as much of an impact as the presents they’re attached to.

So hit “Print” and get ready, because this will be one Christmas they won’t soon forget! Be sure to check out other free Christmas stuff at




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