Free Printable Halloween Invitations

When it comes to throwing a Halloween party, nothing is more important than the invitation, which is a first impression of sorts. If you haven’t made up your mind on the right invitation for your Halloween bash, here are some free Halloween invitation sites we’ve pulled together.

This is another post in the “Free Halloween Stuff” series. Let’s hop to it and get started!

Free Printable Halloween Invitations

Internet Family Fun: Internet Family Fun hosts a great selection of invitations that will blow everyone away! With seven choices available including “Trick or Treat?” and “Looking for You,” the cards neatly fold for the best presentation possible. Hit the link and start printing!

UK-Entertainers: At UK-Entertainers, they have a unique approach to Halloween invitations: detail and lots of it. Even though there are only two invitations offered, they are equivalent to print shop quality and can’t be missed. Full of color and classic Halloween designs, we highly recommend this site based on its obvious quality standards and personal recommendation.

Activity Village: Activity Village also has a distinctive take on the Halloween invitation with a cute, child-friendly feel throughout. Instead of trying to frighten your guest, these four invitations will make anybody laugh. This site stands out tremendously, which is why we feel it is one of the best.

Coolest Kid Birthday Parties: Coolest Kid Birthday Parties is a great site for Halloween invitations due to the flexibility in paper sizes. Whether you print on A4 or A5, Coolest Kid Birthday Parties has it all. A unique cross between real photography and digital design, the options here are too good to pass up.

Hoover Web Design: Don’t let the name fool you, but Hoover Web Design has an offering that is rarely seen on the Internet. These invitations are great for their skillful design, by which the typesetting is so expertly matched to the overall design and color scheme.

By now you can’t wait to print out those invitations, right? These high-quality free printable Halloween invitations are in our opinion, some of the best on the web. This also reflects highly upon the websites themselves, and you can expect new designs for next year! There are a lot more sites to be found, but we think we did a pretty good job with our selection.




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  1. Steve Quinn says:

    Fantastic selection of free invitations. Thanks for the point in the right direction. Happy Halloween!!!

  2. Sallie says:

    wow i really won’t these for my halloween party this year!!!

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