Free St. Patrick’s Day Crafting eBook

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Here’s a great freebie for all of you out there that are into crafts. If you’re gearing up for St. Patrick’s Day, you’ve got to check out this free St. Patrick’s Day craft ebook.

I personally love St. Patrick’s Day, and it is probably one of my top five holidays. Just check out some of the stuff you get in this book:

  • Five party ideas
  • Eighteen craft ideas
  • Ten special gifts to make
  • Ten awesome recipes

Be sure to grab this one and print it out if you wish. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!




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  1. love it

  2. This is something that me and my daughter can do together,so if I get this I will be so glad and happy at the same time. Because I never won anything before. Even the simple things you can be greatful for.

  3. I would love to have this,I decorate for every little holiday.

  4. My daughter and I saw this and she loved it at first sight. I hope we win it because we would chrish it 4-ever!

  5. My kids would love this they have never seen it but I know they would injoy it.

  6. love doing new things with my kids

  7. i lov tis bok

  8. i loveee gettinq the lil free stuff in the mail

  9. what a greatfreebie

  10. thank you. it is good to be irish.

  11. thank you this ebook is great i love the recepies

  12. can’t wait to have fun

  13. my favorite hliday

  14. My grand-daughter was born on St. Patrick’s day and loves crafting. A nice gift for her up-coming birthday.

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