Free Thanksgiving Clip Art

You know what time it is, the time for this thing, merriment, and most of all time with friends and family. That’s right, it’s Thanksgiving! To help you celebrate this wonderful time of the year, we’ve pulled together some of the best free Thanksgiving clip art resources on the web.

This is a continuation in our “free Thanksgiving stuff” series. Let’s get to it!

Free Thanksgiving Clip Art

Microsoft Clip Art: Microsoft is known for having the largest selection of clip art at any time of the year. With files that cannot be found anywhere else, and dozens of selections, we highly recommend this site to anyone who wants a great Thanksgiving clip art library.

Thanksgiving Graphics Plus: At Thanksgiving Graphics Plus, you can choose from a wide selection of Thanksgiving clip art that will impress your friends and coworkers. With tons to choose from, this is one site you can’t pass up. Hit the link to start downloading!

Designed to a T: At Designed to a T, the name speaks for itself. We’ve seen creations that simply cannot be found anywhere else, so be sure to bookmark this site for next year! Their selection is constantly growing, so be sure to visit often for the latest files! Every year, wows us with some of the best clip art around! With selections including “Turkey” and “Cornucopia,” make sure you don’t forget to visit and check out the 10 selections offered. is another fantastic resource for some wonderful free Thanksgiving clip art. We’ve found this site to be one of the best, and with 7 funny clip art photos, we’re sure you’ll think so as well. Some of the selections are funny, some artful and pleasing to the eye, but altogether they are unforgettable.

Clip Art ‘n Crafts: Clip Art ‘n Crafts is another fantastic resource for some of the best clip art available on the web. With 4 wonderful designs to choose from,  start downloading and using these amazing pieces.

We’ve searched the web to bring you the best free Thanksgiving clip art resources. These six sites will more than meet your needs for the latest and greatest free Thanksgiving clip art pieces.

Oh yeah, be sure to check out more free Thanksgiving stuff that we have at!




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  1. mysti remijan says:

    so so very cute and my favirote disney charecter

  2. johnna oddo says:

    Love these things

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