Free Sample of Acrylic Paint

Get a free sample of Acrylic Paint.

Request an artist’s acrylic from Winsor & Newton. This is open to interested artists who want to try the unparalleled brilliance of acrylic paints.

Just fill out the form to request a sample. By sending the form, you will also be signing up to Winsor & Newton’s e- newsletter, Painting Matters.

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  1. I need some paint for my bee hives. NOT WHITE. thank-you

  2. i nd sme paint 2 do touch ups u have the colour ‘light rice’

  3. I would very much to try your paint,i didn’t try yours yet.and im looking forward in trying your fire engine RED. thank you mike

  4. Love doing crafts with acrylic paint. Would love yellow.

  5. I paint using only acrylics 🙂 would love a red one please

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