Free 47″ LG Scarlet LCD HDTV – EXPIRED

Grab your free 47″ LG Scarlet LCD HDTV now by participating in this special promotion. Here are the specifications for the LG Scarlet LCD HDTV:

  • Full HD 1080p resolution
  • 50,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio
  • TrueMotion 120 Hz
  • 4x HDMI V.1.3 with Deep Color
  • Intelligent Sensor
  • 24p Real Cinema
  • AV Mode (Cinema, Sports, Game)
  • Clear Voice
  • LG Simp Link Connectivity
  • Invisible Speaker System
  • USB 2.0 Connectors (JPEG, MP3)
  • ISFccc

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134 Responses

  1. rachael says:

    i am a college student who was kicked out of my house at home and had to get a house on my own. I need to furnish my house.

  2. stacy m. says:

    i would like to have it for my grandma…

  3. JinJer says:

    Nice to have TV. like this..

  4. It would be great to upgrade from a 13″ to a 47″.

  5. ANN sAMPSON says:

    Wonderful to use for the congregation fellowship hall

  6. Rick Vega says:

    like your stuff

  7. Rick Vega says:

    like tv watch games

  8. ronald says:

    im ready to do a upgrade i really need this

  9. Jeff Long says:

    That is a nice TV

  10. Kyle Damude says:

    i would love to put this tv in my room

  11. ruth says:

    i love this tv me and my partner and kids could do with a new tv as our tv has broken and we havent got the money to get a new one.

  12. damian brown says:

    i need the t.v.

  13. erica says:

    this is something i really cant afford but it really looks nice.

  14. erica says:

    I would love to put this in my living room.

  15. britt says:

    awwww…my daughters would love it

  16. jamie says:

    i have no tv and i am disable so i cant work to get a tv.. i need it

  17. John Nunnelee says:

    my pet panda just knocked the tv down i need new one please i am putting my trust in you

  18. Rose says:

    Icould use this much needed upgrade.

  19. Dan says:

    It would be great to upgrade from old tube tv to a great LCD tv

  20. Jinger says:

    I could so use this new tv……….

  21. RaVon Daniels says:

    i never had a lcd before, ive been wanting
    one of these for years,just cant afford it
    because they’re out of my price range…………….

  22. Kelly says:

    My Husband would love this

  23. widi says:

    oh my god it’s a good one, i’ve been dreaming that 4 along time…..please a wonderful gift.

  24. david seabury says:

    Getting this tv would be like winning the lottery. I have a 19 ” tv right now.

  25. tasha says:

    I could really use this tv

  26. michele says:

    i will so love it ,can’t wait to have in my living room so everyone could comment on it love

  27. Deja says:

    This is the ultimate TV – it definately brightens up any living area and a must have for a party!!!

  28. hughes says:

    what a wonderful gift.

  29. marianela breto says:

    this would be a wonderful addition i cannot afford alone

  30. Darnell Richardson says:

    This is awsome

  31. Libby says:

    Me and my husband are trying to move out on our own and we need a few things some we cant afoord i dont need one that nice but any thing is good enough for me god will decide if he wants us to have this tv
    god bless you and thank you for taking the time to read this

  32. Tasha says:

    I would to get this tv free for my daughter for her knew house. she would love it. Her kids and herself will enjoy it.

  33. Sandy says:

    WOW, that would be neat cuz I can’t afford to buy 1