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In celebration of‘s 1st birthday with the new site, here’s a huge list of places where you can sign up for free stuff that you can get on your birthday. Most of these require you to sign up for some sort of newsletter, and they’ll send you an email on your birthday with details of how to obtain your free item.

Baskin Robbins:  Each your on your birthday, you’ll get a free scoop of ice cream from Baskin Robbins.

Ben and Jerry’s:  Just like the freebie above, you’ll get another free scoop of ice cream on your birthday from Ben and Jerry’s.

Coldstone Creamery: More free ice cream? You betcha! Get a free Coldstone Creation of your choice on your birthday.

Red Robin: After you polish off all of that free ice cream, head on over to Red Robin and get a free burger.

P.F. Chang’s:  Grab a free mini dessert or shooter from P.F. Chang’s — if you haven’t tried it they have awesome Chinese food!

Sephora:  What you get will vary each year. For this year it was a free three-pack of lip gloss and last year it was a free two-pack of nail polish. I’m sure you’ll like whatever they send!

Missouri Lottery: If you live in Missouri or can take a quick trip to the state, you’ll get a free lottery play on your birthday. This is of course a freebie limited to a handful of people.

Longhorn Steakhouse: Join the Western Hospitality Club and you’ll get a complimentary appetizer for joining, and a coupon for a free dessert on your birthday.

Jack In The Box:  You’ll get a free piece of chocolate cake or cheesecake on your birthday, as well as inside information and special offers sent right to your inbox.

Sonic Drive-In Restaurants: Join the Sonic Cruisers and they’ll send a varying freebie each year for your birthday. Examples include a free burger, shake, fruit smoothie or tater tots.

Wingstop: Get five free wings on your birthday.

Taco Bell: Get a free combo meal of your choice on your birthday.

Quizno’s: Get a free Sammie when you sign up initially and a free cookie each year on your birthday.

Blimpie: Grab a free six inch sub on your birthday.

Macaroni Grill: Join the Mac Pack and get a free appetizer on sign up as well as a free piece of chocolate cake on your birthday. See the bottom left-hand corner for the sign-up box.

Ponderosa: Receive a special offer on your birthday (I’m not sure of the exact freebie you’ll get) as well as other offers throughout the year.

Buffalo Wild Wings: Get a free dessert on your birthday.

Hooters: Get 10 free wings.

Fuddrucker’s: Join Fudd’s Club and get a free burger on your birthday.

Texas Roadhouse: Get a free appetizer or sidekick of ribs on your birthday.

Boston Market: Join the Boston Market V.I.P. Club and get a free dessert with purchase and a $3.00 off coupon just for signing up.

Applebee’s: Get a free dessert shooter on your birthday.

Captain D’s: Free dinner platter on your birthday and a coupon good for a free Fish & Fries or Chicken & Fries plate when you join.

T.G.I. Friday’s: Free dessert with meal purchase and a free appetizer when you sign up.

Chili’s: Get a free dessert when you purchase an entree and a free chips and queso appetizer when you sign up.

Ruby Tuesday:  Get a free handcrafted birthday burger.

Noodles and Company: Get a free entree on your birthday and a free surprise on your sign-up anniversary every  year.

Houlihan’s: Get a free entree on your birthday and a free appetizer for signing up.

Qdoba: Buy one get one entree on your birthday and a free chips and salsa on your birthday.




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  1. doesn’t allow stateto be entered

  2. 18/03/82 😉

  3. checked three taco bells…no freebies

  4. thanks will pass it on

  5. ON 5 AUGUST 2011

  6. my birthday is 2nd july 2011

  7. thank you

  8. i love free stuff

  9. I would just like to say, I just turn 49 this pass October.All you have to do is go to the site, the rest will come to you, take some time to complete the survey it pays off at the end.I can not thank these website for making it real special for me on my Birthday,I Celebrated from sun up to sun down, again thanks for all the coupons, and making it a special day for me, thank you.

  10. Can’t wait

  11. My bday is today!! I wish I had found this site earlier!! Lol

  12. August 24, 1997 next friday!! 😀

  13. mentor this even though

  14. Starbucks will give you a free drink on your birthday if you register a gift card online.

  15. Hello!!! Thank-You!!! I enjoy celebrating my birthday all month long!!!!waiting on my 1st birthday freebie!!!!

  16. I could do this

  17. cant waite for my birthday love daves

  18. my birthday is dec 18 always a week before christmas for life and i never get a birthday gift.ooh well another year..i guess on my jimmy’s birthday wish list on amazon somebody might buy me something .. thank you and have a merry christmas

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