1st Generation Apple iPod Nano Replacement Program

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If you have a first generation Apple iPod Nano, it may be eligible for a free replacement.

The issue is with the potential for the batteries in these devices to overheat. These iPod Nanos were sold between September 2005 and December 2006.

To see if your iPod is eligible for replacement, go to this website and start the claims process by entering the serial number of the device. If it is eligible, you will receive the message that Apple will mail you a postage-fixed return box so that you may return your old iPod.

People are reporting that they are receiving the latest generation iPod (refurbished model) as a replacement for their old iPod Nano. Refurbished Apple products are as good as new, and include all warranties that comes with the new merchandise.

I know that this post will not apply to a lot of people who read this site, but I did want to post here to make sure that the people who qualify can upgrade their iPod for free.



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