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  1. I’d goat if you’d let me

  2. Hey! I´m Jonathan Morales from Chile, and i just want to know if are you still sending stickers of Backcountry for free.

    I would be very grateful if it were so, because I´m a huge fan of this brand and his products.

    Name: Jonathan Morales Valencia
    Adress: Pasaje Aurora Mira #4867
    City: Santiago
    State: Región Metropolitana de Santiago
    Postal Code: 9291640
    Country: Chile

  3. Hi Jonathan. The Backcountry website says the following. “We love our international customers, but at this point we can’t ship freebie stickers outside the U.S.A… we’re working on it though so don’t get too bummed.” Here is their link:

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