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Today’s “freebie” is a little bit different than what I usually post. I wanted to let you guys know about Swagbucks.

Swagbucks is just like any other search engine that you are used to using, except that you can periodically earn points whenever you conduct a search. In fact, when you create a new account you’ll earn 30 points that you can redeem for a lot of great free stuff. You can sign up with your Facebook account or you can create a Swagbucks account right on the site.

I just searched for “free stuff” at Swagbucks and earned 11 points. On some searches you won’t earn anything, but on others you’ll be rewarded with these points.

Searching is not the only way to earn points, either. You can participate in daily polls that ask a simple question and earn a swag buck each time you vote. You can also trade in old cell phones or video game consoles for great point rewards. If online shopping is your thing, you’ll earn 2 swag bucks for each $1 that you spend. The shopping is done at regular retailers across the web (such as Walmart.com and Amazon) so the prices aren’t marked up at all. You simply get a bonus in the form of Swagbucks if you shop through them.

What Do I Do With The Points?

Get lots of great free stuff, that’s what! Seriously, the stuff you can get for free at Swagbucks is really top notch. You can shop the SwagStore or use your points for entering sweepstakes. Here is just a very, very short list of some of the things you can redeem points for:

  • A Nintendo DSi — 31,750 SB
  • Black Eyed Peas – “The End” track — 200 SB
  • EcoUsable – “Alta Vista Wildcats” – 10 oz. reusable bottle — 1,499 SB
  • Slinky Jr. — 849 SB
  • ACQUA DI GIO cologne by Giorgio Armani — 6,500 SB
  • “Irish I Had a Beer” T-Shirt — 1,500 SB

Head on over to Swagbucks and create an account to see the full list of what you can redeem points for. Remember, you’re searching and using the internet every day, you might as well get some good quality free stuff from doing it!

Once you sign up, be sure to check your email and activate your account. That way you can start earning your Swagbucks immediately.

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  1. is this site accept all countries? i think only USA Canada.
    Can you tell me what site like this but accept all countries

  2. lololololol ive been doing this for years already got xbox live modern warfare headset and an electric guitar+ a few pokemon cards

  3. what r some websites that u get points for

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