Top Freebie Weekly Roundup for Week 5, 2013 – EXPIRED

**Note: These freebies may now be expired since this post is a week old. I’ll keep the links live, but just be aware that they may no longer be available.**

I wanted to take some time and go through the top free stuff that was posted at over the past week. Basically, we want to take a look at only the best freebies that were posted here and that are still live and available for you to take advantage of. Let’s take a look at the list!

  1. Free Redbox Video Game Rental – Here’s a still-valid coupon code that you can use at Redbox to get a free one night’s video game rental. Obtaining the code requires you to send a text message using your cell phone, so please keep that in mind. The code is valid through 2/13/13.
  2. Free Eucalyptus Oil Sample – This one turned out to be a rather popular freebie last week, and it’s still going strong. You’ll need to have access to a Facebook account and ‘Like’ the page before you can request your sample. Note that if you don’t have a Facebook account, you can always set one up with minimal personal information just so that you can take advantage of these freebies.
  3. Free 6oz. Yogurt and Toppings at Menchies – Print out this coupon and take it into Menchies to get a free 6 oz. yogurt with toppings. This coupon is only valid on February 6th, 2013. You’ll need to ‘Like’ the page on Facebook before you can print out the coupon.
  4. Free Stronghold Kingdoms PC Game from Amazon – You can purchase and download this game for free from through February 5th, 2013. The base game is free to play.
  5. Free Urban Birdwatching Kit – Get a free kit and help identify birds in urban areas. Your identifications will actually go towards real research, so this is a pretty cool freebie if you’re into birds!
  6. Free One Month Trial of Air Optix Contact Lenses – Follow the instructions in the post to obtain this free one-month trial. I do believe an eye exam is required, but if you’re up for an eye exam and wear contact lenses, this is the perfect opportunity to get a free one month supply of daily contact lenses.
  7. Free Sample of Artist’s Acrylic Paint – If you use acrylic paint to do any type of art, you’ll want to check out this free sample offer.
  8. Free Bowl of Chili at Waffle House – Print out the coupon and then present it at your participating Waffle House restaurant to get a free bowl of chili. This is for dine-in customers only, and the coupon is valid through 2/8/13.

That’s it! Have a good weekend everybody and we’ll be back as usual tomorrow with more great free stuff and free samples that we find across the web.

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