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Fill out a short form for a free Agion Active treated shirt.

Here’s a bit about this product:

Agion Active was developed to provide intense defense against odor – and is the first and only textile treatment that handles microbial based odors and ambient, absorbed odors. This dual confidence shield clearly outperforms today’s other odor technologies.

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  1. Can’t wait to see if it works

  2. yes free i am in

  3. high

  4. i workout everyday!!! this would be awesome!!

  5. unique idea

  6. I can’t wait to exercise in this shirt!

  7. Im disappointed, I could not get the “code” at the bottom to go through even after 6 or 7 times… No Shirt 🙁

  8. Would love to try it, Thank you.

  9. This is a great concept, I’m anxious to see how well the shirt works.

  10. i cannto wait to try the t-shirt

  11. i am in the us military and this would be a great thing for the soldiers that do not have a chance to shower after (pt) physical training.

  12. I can’t wait to tell friends,”hey I don’t stink anymore”LOL.

  13. I work as mechanic. And always sweat all day. It would be great if this t-shirt really work

  14. i would love to have a t shirt

  15. i want this t shirt

  16. Can’t wait to try it out. Track season has indeed started 🙂

  17. Can’t waittoreceive anduse

  18. cant wait

  19. this would be good for me im very active

  20. cant wait to try it

  21. I would be happy to recieve this garment so i may tell others about the shirt.

  22. Cant wait to tell others!

  23. never had one like it orders less hope it nice

  24. thank you i love free stuff.

  25. Could not get the code to work. Would love to try the shirt though.

  26. i love free stuff

  27. I like this shirt.

  28. i would like one

  29. I guees it will good look on me

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