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  1. Donna Degregorio says:

    I signed up for a number of these “free” websites and always have to jump thru hoops and still never receive any thing free. Bogus crap!

  2. Terrie Hall says:

    I love the open heart pendant it would make a great remembrance symbol for my oldest daughter i lost September 7th last year in a tragic car accident it’s hard as a parent to lose a child I wouldn’t wish it upon my worst enemy

  3. i like seeing what is free every month.

  4. please send the pendent to me thank you.

  5. i think the pendent is very pretty.

  6. hannah says:

    for my grand ma

  7. tryston says:

    This necklace is pretty.

  8. Jordarius Williams says:

    My mom really deserve this!!

  9. jameria zachery says:

    very good website

  10. Donnah beatty says:

    I love this pendent it is beautiful

  11. Donnah beatty says:

    I would like a free heart pendant for my daughter

  12. This is a great website .I will use it often Thank you free stuff.com

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